Automotive Shop Flooring

Project Overview: 2,750 sf  Grind and Seal Epoxy system with Urethane Top Coat 

automotive shop flooring

This two coat flooring system is often referred to as a grind and seal. A very popular alternative to expensive polishing, not to mention it is simpler and faster. To put it simply a grind and seal is a concrete floor with an epoxy coating on top. In this instance we applied a two coat epoxy system in this shop room of GP3569 and a top coat of GP4410 urethane for added sheen and scratch protection with a special color tint of forest green to match  the color of our clients favorite football team the New York Jets. This process typically will mill or remove the top layer of an existing slab to expose virgin or white concrete and create an aesthetic similar to polish.  Our grind and seal system  has a multitude of  benefits. Depending on the top coat specifies it can be scratch and stain resistant, dustproof , anti slip but is always easy to clean and maintain over time.  It is a very budget friendly system and allows for return to service in as little as 8 hours! Applying a two component resin based coating penetrates and establishes a wear surface to add longevity and resilience to the existing slab. This flooring option is great for those who want to keep their existing floor completely in tact and not break the bank with a full floor system,  but still want to make their warehouse look great and function at a higher level.

automotive shop flooring


  1. Diamond grind entire substrate to remove surface contaminants and establish mechanical profile
  2. Patch any divots/voids greater than ¾” using quick-cure epoxy patching
  3. Vacuum entire space and solvent wipe to remove all dust particle
  4. Tape all terminations to ensure clean lines
  5. Apply system primer/body coat: GP 3569; standard epoxy primer binder resin
  6. Apply system topcoat: GP 4410 special tint urethane coating to create scratch resistant system
  7. Remove tape and clean work areas



As is the case with many of our clients it was imperative to our client that they were to be able to get in and out as soon as possible . Working with our design and installation team we were able to coordinate evening shifts , ensuring our clients ability to remain a fully functional business but still allowing enough time for the high performance crew to work its magic. The end result of this job was a high sheen , brand new looking floor, for a fraction of what a full epoxy flooring system would normally cost. For more information on a grind and seal system and the many benefits it was to offer, please feel free to shoot us an email or call 800-928-7220 with any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you !

automotive shop flooring

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