Brewery Flooring

Project Overview: Install Fastop Flooring Systems (100 sf. w/ 1/8” pitch per foot)

brewery flooring

Brewery Epoxy Flooring


Our friends over at Twin Elephant Brewing Company came to us looking to fix and pitch their flooring space right in front of there brewing vats. Much like with food processing plants it is vital for beer to brewed in a safe and sanitary space. Epoxy flooring is perfect for breweries for a number of different reasons, they are anti slip, easy to clean, and are seamless in nature. Meaning there is nowhere for harmful bacteria to settle and spread.  Not to mention these floors are extremely durable, they can hold up against immense foot traffic, condensation, and heat which you will certainly run into in a brewing environment. Twin Elephant wanted to get this floor taken care of and never have to worry about it again, so a urethane cement mortar was the way to go.Urethane cement mortar systems are reserved for applications that require the greatest levels of impact resistance, thermal shock resistance & traffic. These systems are like slurries but created with a thicker consistency and generally have to be troweled down. They are also chosen in circumstances where the substrate is badly eroded or unevenly sloped. To start the job we diamond ground the entire area to remove any surface contaminants and establish a mechanical profile for our mortar to bond to. Next we keyed in terminations to create similar height to the existing slab and set elevation to create a 1/8″ slope per foot to termination which is vital for proper drainage. Then we applied the Fastop M: Urethane cement mortar and allowed for ample cure time. Finally we applied a top coat of GP4850 with 46 grit aluminum oxide, this topcoat is state of the art. Gp4850 offers chemical, stain, and impact resistance. It is also pre-approved by the USDA making it perfect for brewery flooring.


Brewery Flooring

Brewery Epoxy Floors

Install Fastop Flooring Systems


  1. Diamond grind area to remove surface contaminants and establish mechanical profile
  2. Key in terminations to create similar height of existing slab to newly installed floor
  3. Set elevations to create a 1/8” slope per foot to termination
  4. Apply Fastop M: Urethane cement mortar
  5. Apply topcoat GP 4850: chemical resistant polyaspartic coating w/ 46 grit aluminum oxide


The end result is a state of the art brewery flooring system completed in less than 48 hours which will last for years to come. We wish our friends over at Twin Elephant the best of luck with there new location and expect big things from them in the future !

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