Chemical Resistant Flooring

Project Overview: Urethane Cement Flooring System w 2505 Sq Ft with Integral Cove Base 300 Ln . Ft & Chemical Resistant Top Coat

Chemical Resistant Flooring

Our client came to us with what he thought would be a rather difficult task. They needed a floor for the storage room in there new facility. However this storage room needed to be able to not only handle extreme traffic and heavy loads but be able hold up against contaminents and spills due to the items they were storing. Our client sent us over a specification of all the chemicals the floor might be exposed to and our experts were able to cross reference these products with our material provider and offer the perfect flooring solution. We started by patching all joints and divets using engineered concrete and than mechanically abraded the entire area to create a proper profile for a strong bond. From there we vaccuumed the area to ensure no dust would be able to corrupt the bond and installed keyways at all terminations to ensure a smooth seamless floor. 


  1. Patch joints and minor divots using engineered cement
  2. Mechanically abrade entire area to create proper profile to assure a solid bond
  3. Edge all wall to floor joints using hand grinders
  4. Vacuum entire area
  5. Install “keyways” at any/all terminations to ensure adequate bond and seamless flooring
  6. Install 4” Integral Cove Base on verticals
  7. Apply base coat of Fastop SL: urethane cement slurry 
  8. Broadcast 40/60 mesh aggregate to excess
  9. Allow base coat to cure and screen down to lessen aggressive texture if necessary
  10. Sweep/vacuum to remove all excess sand aggregate
  11. Apply GP 3744: 100% solid chemical resistant epoxy  


Chemical Resistant Flooring


HPS has access to a variety of resinous flooring materials with exceptionally high ASTM ratings which specify the level of chemical resistance provided. Our access to these highly chemically-resistant resins along with our engineering team’s experience in chemical facility design makes it simple to design & build a robust and long-lasting chemical resistant  flooring system. This floor was completed withing 48 hours and the customer was left with a safe, durable, easy to clean , chemical resistant floor.

chemical resistant flooring

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