Concrete Coating Contractor

Project Overview: 5000 square feet of Warehouse Flooring

As a concrete coating contractor High Performance Systems offers many options to fit the need of the spaces use and the customer’s timeline and budget. We pride ourselves on offering the protective and resinous flooring industries best option for the facilities long-term needs.

This client asked for our team to provide them with a concrete coating system that was scratch resistant, resistant to staining due to industrial inks and dyes, and to repair existing spalls and cracks near joints within their warehouse space. Our specification team offered the customer an epoxy coating with a UV stable scratch resistant topcoat.

Often times, concrete coating contractors neglect to install urethane topcoats in warehouse spaces as a cost saving measure. At High Performance Systems, we educate our customers on what we have seen as a concrete coating contractor of 30 plus years, to include the ROI when including this urethane coating rather than installing an epoxy only system, acrylic dust-proofer, or a simple polish.


Concrete Coating Contractor

  • Diamond grind all surfaces to be recoated
  • Repair any spalded and or delaminated surfaces, using fast setting epoxy patch
  • Fill in all voids to create a smooth substrate
  • Regrind patches 
  • Apply GP 3589 100% solid epoxy coating
  • Topcoat with GP 4408 aliphatic urethane to retain sheen




Our customer had a weekend shut-down of their production available for the above scope of work to be performed. As a concrete coating contractor, we understand the importance of maintaining our schedule and getting our customer back into production. We had a 5 man crew work around the clock to have this floor solution installed within schedule and dust-free as not to disrupt areas outside of our workspace.  

  • Increased production by dustproofing your floor

  • Minimized time spent on maintenance and cleaning of product and floors

  • Decreased utility cost by increasing light reflection

  • Added aesthetics to increase employee and customer satisfaction

  • Maintained safe and long-lasting floor solutions with our coating systems

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