Decorative Epoxy Flooring – Ceramic Carpet

Project Overview: Install Fastop decorative system (2080 sq ft. floor space w/ 300 sq ft. of removal/fill)

 decorative epoxy flooring

Sherwin Williams contacted us regarding a store located in Brooklyn NY that had issues with the existing mezzanine slab. The specification included a ceramic carpet and some newly installed ramping. We we very happy when we found out our material provider had personally chose us to do there project, and even happier with the finished result.

The existing floor was badly pitted with some less then adequate patching material present. Removal of all patching material was necessary along with multiply lifts of 1/4″ urethane cement mortar to ensure the store was to open on schedule.


-scarify entire area to remove 1/8″ of existing slab
-remove existing patch material (150 sq. Ft. at 1″ nominal)
-create keyways at all terminations and at slope of ramps to ensure suggested thickness of newly installed materials was maintained while keeping a seamless termination
-Install modified cement to entry door elevation and 5’x8′ landing pad with 1″ per foot of slope to main floor space
-install first lift of Fastop SL urethane cement to “level” voids and uneven substrate
-broadcast to excess using 20/40 mesh silica
-install 2nd lift of Fastop SL: urethane cement slurry to create body coat for ceramic carpet
-broadcast to excess using custom blend quartz
sweep excess and stone to even consistent texture
– Apply 2nd broadcast coat using GP 4850; polyaspartic coating
-broadcast to excess using custom blend quartz
sweep excess and stone to even consistent texture
-apply grout coat/topcoat in one step 4850; polyaspartic topcoat

Epoxy coating contractor nj


Using the hybrid system of urethane cement products and polyaspartic coatings we got this Sherwin
Williams retail location back on schedule with a custom aesthetic to meet our clients needs. These chemistries allow for recoat in as little as 2 hours and full traffic in 4 hours. To go further, the Sherwin Williams supplied, modified cement allowed for easy to handle and rapid dehydration needed to apply a resinous flooring system after installation of the ramp area in less then 48 hours.

Epoxy coating contractor nj

Epoxy coating contractor nj

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