Food Processing Flooring System

Project Overview: 1,100 Sq Ft Food Processing Flooring System

Food Processing Epoxy Floors

Food Processing Flooring

Our former client Pinnacle Foods came to us with a pretty significant problem for one of there processing facilities. One of there processing rooms was dealing with large amounts of standing water because the previous contractor didn’t properly slope the floor to the drainage system. Along with improper drainage the floor was also beginning to severely delaminated in multiple spots  which allows access points for harmful bacteria to grow. This poses a major issue for food processing areas because they must adhere to very strict USDA/SQF guidelines. Not only do they have very strict guidelines they must follow but food processing flooring  must be able to stand up to some very  adverse conditions. They are subjected to a wide range of fats, hot oils, blood, sugar, and natural food acids. These floors are also subjected to harsh chemical cleaners and thermal shock from wash downs. Luckily we knew just how to handle it. To start we mechanically sloped areas to create a drainage system. Next we mechanically prepared entire substrate to create solid glue-line. From there we applied our Fastop SL urethane slurry system and broadcast in 20/40 mesh aggregate for added slip resistance. Finally we removed excess aggregate and smoothed out floor with rubbing stone to eliminate irregularities and applied the Fastop urethane seal coat .

Epoxy Coating  Food Processing

Food Processing Epoxy Floors


  1. Mechanically prepare sloped areas in pre existing coated area and installed Dexotex A81 to create a slope to drain
  2. Mechanically prepare entire substrate to create solid glue-line
  3. Apply SW Fastop SL Urethane Cement slurry to all areas
  4. Broadcast to excess using 20/40 mesh aggregate
  5. Remove excess broadcast and rub floor to eliminate irregularities
  6. Apply SW Fastop urethane seal coat

food processing flooring system


The end result is a brand new state of the art urethane cement food processing flooring system. This project was completed in less than 48 hours and the floor was fully accessible on the third day. We came in on a Saturday and Sunday to complete this job so that our client could avoid having a production shut down which is always of the utmost concern when dealing with a food processing facility. To learn more about our food processing flooring systems click here. 

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