ISO Clean room Flooring

Project Overview : Clean Room Flooring System – 572 sf. with 220 lf. of cove

clean room flooring

This job was for a clean room in a pharmaceutical compounding facility in New providence NJ.  In short a compounding facility is where a licensed pharmacist, combines, mixes, or alters ingredients of a drug to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient. That being said it was imperative this floor was as sterile as possible and met any and all ISO clean room standards . This meant there could be absolutely no crack or crevices which would allow dust, and microbes to grow and spread which would contaminate the room. This makes seamless flooring the best application when dealing with a clean room. Clean rooms are found in a variety of facilities that service the pharmaceutical, vaccine, and biotechnology industries, to name but a few. Regardless of specific clean room activities, contamination prevention and process containment are of primary concern to all. Our seamless  clean room flooring and wall coatings assist  life science and advance technology facilities in maintaining their classified clean room environmental standards. HPS Flooring’s antimicrobial clean room flooring and cove system eliminates contamination concerns by creating a seamless, durable, and long last flooring system. 

clean room flooring



Trafficote 105 w/ integral covebase

572 sf. w/ 220 lf. Of coving


  1. Diamond grind entire substrate to remove surface contaminants and create mechanical profile
  2. Install keyways at all terminations to ensure system thickness while meeting termination elevations
  3. Vacuum entire space and solvent wipe to remove all dust particle
  4. Measure 4” heights and tape all walls to ensure clean lines
  5. Apply covebase primer to all walls
  6. Apply cove mortar to all walls: 4” height ¾” radius
  7. Remove tape and stone cove
  8. Apply system primer: GP 3579; standard epoxy primer
  9. Apply system basecoat: Trafficote 105; epoxy slurry
  10. Apply system topcoat: GP 4410; WB Urethane Coating


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