Machine Room Flooring

Project Overview: 14,000 sf. slurry system with 1,000 linear feet of line striping

This flooring project was completed for one of the largest electrical generation plants in New Jersey. Our client needed new flooring for their machine shop due to years of abuse it had taken being subjected to housing heavy equipment and machines as well is intense fork lift traffic. The previous floor was an old epoxy floor that presented a safety hazard to workers as it was chipping and cracking. Due to the heavy loads and substances required to complete daily machine shop operations, the floor needed to have excellent scratch, abrasion, impact and chemical resistance. We started this project by prepping the floor, the first step was to remove the existing coating by diamond grinding entire substrate to degloss existing epoxy and create mechanical profile. Once that was completed we installed keyways at all terminations to maintain system thickness and similar heights at terminations, and edged out around all equipment legs  using hand grinders to ensure bond since the heavy equipment could not be moved. Once all the prep was completed we vacuumed the entire space and gave it a once over to make sure the substrate was completed ready to be coated. The final step before coating was to solvent wipe the entire floor to ensure any remnants of old epoxy were removed thereby, ensuring the new flooring system would directly bond to the concrete substrate. The first coat we applied was GP 3579; standard primer binder resin this was layed down to ensure the slurry system of Trafficote 105 would have a better surface to bond to. The GP3569 was set to cure overnight and we came in the next morning to apply the  slurry system of Trafficote 105 with a thickening agent comprised of silica. Once the Slurry was cured our final step was to apply the system topcoat of GP3746, the reason this topcoat was specified is its able to withstand highly concentrated chemical resistance which is ideal for a machine room. We gave the epoxy 24 hours to cure and came in the next day to do the final step which was 1000 linear feet of line striping. Line striping makes for a more efficient  and safe warehouse space. 



Trafficote 105: 1/8” slurry system

14,000 sf.


  1. Diamond grind entire substrate to degloss existing epoxy and create mechanical profile
  2. Install keyways at all terminations to maintain system thickness and similar heights at termination
  3. Edge all equipment legs using hand grinders to ensure bond
  4. Vacuum entire space
  5. Apply system primer: GP 3579; standard primer binder resin
  6. Apply system slurry: Trafficote 105
  7. Apply system topcoat: GP 3746; 100% solid chemical resistant epoxy

Line Stripping

1000 linear ft.


  1. Tape lines
  2. Buff existing epoxy
  3. Apply Macropoxy 646
  4. Remove tape


To complete the project, High Performance Systems  replaced the existing 14,000 sq. ft floor with a new epoxy system in 3 days. To avoid a plant shutdown, the project was scheduled to start on New Year’s Eve. To meet the client’s timeline, the first day of the project required 2 crews to work a 14 hour shift to complete all. The end result is a beautiful long last chemical resistant machine room flooring.

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