Manufacturing Flooring

Project Overview: 1,200 sq ft aliphatic urethane topcoat for manufacturing flooring space

Manufacturing Room Flooring

Our friends over at Ultra Seal were looking to revamp their existing epoxy floor in their manufacturing flooring space but couldn’t afford to lose any production time.  The existing urethane cement flooring system had the typical ware and tear you’d expect but the main issue was the dust and aesthetics. Luckily we had the perfect solution for them so they could avoid the dreaded production shutdown using our 4410 aliphatic urethane topcoat by General Polymers.  To start out the job we prepped the concrete with diamond grinders to remove any laitance and contamination so that the epoxy would have a solid bond. After the floor was prepped we swept and vacuumed up all of the dust to ensure a direct bond. Dust is one of the leading causes of epoxy floor failures. Before the new top coat was applied we taped all terminations and drains to ensure a clean  floor with straight lines.  The installation was not complicated which is what makes GP4410 so great to work with, the material is mixed and then squeegeed across the floor. Once the material is spread evenly across the surface, it is back rolled with a paint roller to give it a smooth appearance. 

Manufacturing Room Epoxy Coating


GP 4410 aliphatic urethane topcoat

  1. Mechanically prepare surface for new flooring system
  2. Mask out areas not to be coated
  3. Topcoat using GP 4410 aliphatic urethane coating to retain sheen and scratch resistance



In terms of difficulty this job was about as east as it gets. Since all that was required was the removal of the existing topcoat and replacing it with a new one. Since the scope of work was so minimal we decided to take advantage of this for both ourselves and client and chose a topcoat that we knew would be able to have them back in business the next day. This meant from beginning to end this job took less than 24 hours avoiding the dreaded production shutdown for our clients. 

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