Machine Maintenance Shop Flooring

Project Overview: 4636 sq ft Epoxy Slurry System with Urethane Topcoat (low odor system) Maintenance Shop Flooring

Epoxy Maintenance Shop Floors

Maintenance Shop Epoxy Flooring

Our friends over at Berry Global were thrilled with the job we did with their maintenance shop flooring space and decided it was in their best interest to revamp their maintenance shop as well. The floor they required needed to be able to stand up against immense foot, forklift and hand-cart traffic  but needed to handle thousands of pounds of machinery while still being anti slip and safe. They also had one final request, they needed the system to be low odor so that the employees within close proximity of the maintenance shop could remain fully functional, luckily General Polymers new product Gp4410 offers all of the benefits of our normal top coat while being low odor. Our epoxy slurry system was the perfect solution! To start we prepped the entire area using diamond grinders. This process removes any contaminants and creates a mechanical profile for our topping to bond to. When the grinding process was completed, the area was thoroughly vacuumed and an epoxy primer of GP3477  was applied. The next phase of the installation was to apply our epoxy slurry, GP4410. This slurry is composed of epoxy with an aggregate filler to give it thickness. After the slurry was set, we screened the surface to give it an even texture throughout. Once again the area was vacuumed clean and then the top coat of scratch and abrasion resistant aliphatic urethane was applied. This urethane top coat will also provide a high gloss sheen and long-term color retention.

maintenance shop flooring

Maintenance Shop Epoxy Floors



Epoxy Slurry System with Urethane Topcoat (low odor system)

  1. Identify and mark all delaminations and remove
  2. Saw-cut beyond perimeter of failure and remove substrate and failed underlayment to expose slab
  3. Fill flush to match surrounding elevations
  4. Diamond grind entire area to establish mechanical profile and remove surface contaminants
  5. Cut keyways at a depth of ¼” to allow for material to maintain thickness and similar heights of surrounding floor and drain hubs
  6. Fill voids using epoxy coating with cabosil, to create a consistent finish look
  7. Apply GP 3477 epoxy primer
  8. Re-inspect for blemished and fill if required
  9. Apply 60 mils 3589 epoxy slurry with light broadcast
  10. Inspect and buff our any rough areas
  11. Topcoat area using GP 4408 urethane topcoat (low odor) to create cleanable and scratch resistant floor surface



This maintenance shop flooring system was completed in less than 48 hours thanks to our crews dedication. The low odor system allowed the maintenance show to remain fully operation on the other side of the room as we worked on the second half of the floor. This room was able to go back in to operation on the third day !

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