Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Project Overview: 1768 sf Cement Urethane Kitchen Flooring System This installation was for a pristine country club in Blue Bell, PA. The kitchen for their banquet hall was extremely out dated and presented a safety hazard  to the employees as the floor was very slick and slippery. Due to the nature of kitchens being exposed to hot oils and strong chemical cleaning and the current safety hazard the floor presented we determined a cement urethane system for the kitchen. Cement urethanes are ideal for kitchen floors because they provide a seamless and smooth floor coating that is moisture and … [Read more...]

ISO Clean room Flooring

Project Overview : Clean Room Flooring System - 572 sf. with 220 lf. of cove This job was for a clean room in a pharmaceutical compounding facility in New providence NJ.  In short a compounding facility is where a licensed pharmacist, combines, mixes, or alters ingredients of a drug to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient. That being said it was imperative this floor was as sterile as possible and met any and all ISO clean room standards . This meant there could be absolutely no crack or crevices which would allow dust, and microbes to grow and spread which … [Read more...]

Automotive Shop Flooring

Project Overview: 2,750 sf  Grind and Seal Epoxy system with Urethane Top Coat  This two coat flooring system is often referred to as a grind and seal. A very popular alternative to expensive polishing, not to mention it is simpler and faster. To put it simply a grind and seal is a concrete floor with an epoxy coating on top. In this instance we applied a two coat epoxy system in this shop room of GP3569 and a top coat of GP4410 urethane for added sheen and scratch protection with a special color tint of forest green to match  the color of our clients favorite football team the New York … [Read more...]

Machine Room Flooring

Project Overview: 14,000 sf. slurry system with 1,000 linear feet of line striping This flooring project was completed for one of the largest electrical generation plants in New Jersey. Our client needed new flooring for their machine shop due to years of abuse it had taken being subjected to housing heavy equipment and machines as well is intense fork lift traffic. The previous floor was an old epoxy floor that presented a safety hazard to workers as it was chipping and cracking. Due to the heavy loads and substances required to complete daily machine shop operations, the floor needed to … [Read more...]

Metallic Epoxy Flooring System

Project Overview: Metallic Epoxy System w/ Aluminum Oxide anti-slip in Polyaspartic Topcoat 3200 sq ft  Our friends over at Smart Start academy run a high end child development center in Hoboken NJ and they wanted a floor to wow the parents of new perspective students. There is no epoxy flooring system more eye catching then a metallic. The finished look is a smooth, glass like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle. No two floors will ever look the same. There are endless creative techniques that can be used to create a style that you can call your own. Metallic floors are … [Read more...]

Trench Drain System

Project Overview: 108 linear feet of drainage with double wide catch basin Our friends over at Metabrands were switching over an old warehouse space into a food production area and needed the trench drain system accomidations to fit such a transition. The process was a rather simple one. To start we helped them come up with a drainage floor plan to help maximize the amount of drains we could fit in the space. Once the drains were ordered we started the project by marking out the areas where the drains would be place. We then sawcut the existing substrate 6" deep ,  removed the existing … [Read more...]

TV Studio Flooring

Project Overview: 3,775 sq ft Television Studio Production Floor In the second phase of a two part project for our friends over at A&E we were tasked with coming up with a new flooring system for their TV studio in Brooklynn. The challenge with this floor is that it needed to be completely flat and level due to the camera equipment that would constantly be rolling over it so it would not wobble in any way and would ruin the shot. This meant that just coating over the existing slab was out of the question.  The specific requirements of this floor meant that we had to create a new level … [Read more...]

Kitchen Flooring System

Project Overview: Kitchen Flooring System 440 sq ft with 4 inch cove This kitchen flooring system was the first part of a two phase project we started with our friends over at A&E network. Their headquarters in Brooklyn was receiving an overhaul inside and out and they brought us in to tackle the unique flooring needs of their kitchen and TV studio floors. The kitchen was a rather routine and quick process as it was on the smaller side at only 440 sq ft. To start the project we shotblast the floor for our mechanical preparation of the substrate to be resurfaced since the floor was a … [Read more...]

Manufacturing Flooring

Project Overview: 1,200 sq ft aliphatic urethane topcoat for manufacturing flooring space Our friends over at Ultra Seal were looking to revamp their existing epoxy floor in their manufacturing flooring space but couldn't afford to lose any production time.  The existing urethane cement flooring system had the typical ware and tear you’d expect but the main issue was the dust and aesthetics. Luckily we had the perfect solution for them so they could avoid the dreaded production shutdown using our 4410 aliphatic urethane topcoat by General Polymers.  To start out the job we prepped the … [Read more...]

Polyaspartic Flooring System

Project Overview: 1000 sf. and 150 ft. of coving for polyaspartic flooring system Our friends over at Staten Island Ferry came to us with another project after the recent success of our decorative floors at their main terminal. This time SIF was looking to take care of the flooring at there internal office. Their hallway and office flooring was way out of date and they were looking for a permanent system but wanted something a little flashier than a standard looking industrial floor coating. However the office never shuts down and SIF couldn't afford a lengthy shutdown, GP4850 Polyaspartic … [Read more...]

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