TV Studio Flooring

Project Overview: 3,775 sq ft Television Studio Production FloorIn the second phase of a two part project for our friends over at A&E we were tasked with coming up with a new flooring system for their TV studio in Brooklynn. The challenge with this floor is that it needed to be completely flat and level due to the camera equipment that would constantly be rolling over it so it would not wobble in any way and would ruin the shot. This meant that just coating over the existing slab was out of the question.  The specific requirements of this floor meant that we had to create a new level … [Read more...]

Kitchen Flooring System

Project Overview: Kitchen Flooring System 440 sq ft with 4 inch cove    This kitchen flooring system was the first part of a two phase project we started with our friends over at A&E network. Their headquarters in Brooklyn was receiving an overhaul inside and out and they brought us in to tackle the unique flooring needs of their kitchen and TV studio floors. The kitchen was a rather routine and quick process as it was on the smaller side at only 440 sq ft. To start the project we shotblast the floor for our mechanical preparation of the substrate to be resurfaced since the … [Read more...]

Manufacturing Flooring

Project Overview: 1,200 sq ft aliphatic urethane topcoat for manufacturing flooring spaceOur friends over at Ultra Seal were looking to revamp their existing epoxy floor in their manufacturing flooring space but couldn't afford to lose any production time.  The existing urethane cement flooring system had the typical ware and tear you’d expect but the main issue was the dust and aesthetics. Luckily we had the perfect solution for them so they could avoid the dreaded production shutdown using our 4410 aliphatic urethane topcoat by General Polymers.  To start out the job we prepped the … [Read more...]

Polyaspartic Flooring System

Project Overview: 1000 sf. and 150 ft. of coving for polyaspartic flooring systemOur friends over at Staten Island Ferry came to us with another project after the recent success of our decorative floors at their main terminal. This time SIF was looking to take care of the flooring at there internal office. Their hallway and office flooring was way out of date and they were looking for a permanent system but wanted something a little flashier than a standard looking industrial floor coating. However the office never shuts down and SIF couldn't afford a lengthy shutdown, GP4850 Polyaspartic … [Read more...]

Encapsulation of VAT

Project Overview - Epoxy Encapsulation of VAT 1,128 sq ft  Vinyl asbestos floor tiles must be removed, handled and disposed of in a manner that keeps the material in predominantly whole pieces to be considered nonfriable, if any of the pieces break there is immediate danger to anyone in close proximity. Removing VAT is not only physically strenuous but also extremely dangerous. VAT removal requires eye protection, respirators, gloves, coveralls, boots and all other sorts of specialized equipment which makes it an extremely hazardous and expensive option. Luckily for our clients , … [Read more...]

Decorative Garage Floor

Project Overview: 420 Sq Ft Decorative Garage FloorA local family was really looking to improve the aesthetics of their two car garage. Not only did they want something that was going to be eye catching but they wanted to make sure this would be something that would hold up over time and not have to be continuously maintained. Our Bio Flake flooring system was the perfect solution. Like with most of our jobs we started by diamond grinding the entire area to establish mechanical profile and remove surface contaminants. We followed that by  vacuuming up all the dust to ensure a proper … [Read more...]

Food Processing Flooring System

Project Overview: 1,100 Sq Ft Food Processing Flooring SystemOur former client Pinnacle Foods came to us with a pretty significant problem for one of there processing facilities. One of there processing rooms was dealing with large amounts of standing water because the previous contractor didn't properly slope the floor to the drainage system. Along with improper drainage the floor was also beginning to severely delaminated in multiple spots  which allows access points for harmful bacteria to grow. This poses a major issue for food processing areas because they must adhere to very … [Read more...]

Machine Maintenance Shop Flooring

Project Overview: 4636 sq ft Epoxy Slurry System with Urethane Topcoat (low odor system) Maintenance Shop FlooringOur friends over at Berry Global were thrilled with the job we did with their maintenance shop flooring space and decided it was in their best interest to revamp their maintenance shop as well. The floor they required needed to be able to stand up against immense foot, forklift and hand-cart traffic  but needed to handle thousands of pounds of machinery while still being anti slip and safe. They also had one final request, they needed the system to be low odor so that the … [Read more...]

Brewery Flooring

Project Overview: Install Fastop Flooring Systems (100 sf. w/ 1/8” pitch per foot)  Our friends over at Twin Elephant Brewing Company came to us looking to fix and pitch their flooring space right in front of there brewing vats. Much like with food processing plants it is vital for beer to brewed in a safe and sanitary space. Epoxy flooring is perfect for breweries for a number of different reasons, they are anti slip, easy to clean, and are seamless in nature. Meaning there is nowhere for harmful bacteria to settle and spread.  Not to mention these floors are extremely durable, … [Read more...]

Warehouse Flooring Contractors

Warehouse Flooring Contractors to fit your needsAs Warehouse Flooring Contractors, Our mission has always been to provide our clientele with a custom designed, long-term industrial epoxy floor that has been tailor made to fit their needs. We strive to provide the very best installation experience each and every time. The techniques, practices, materials, and equipment we employ constantly expands to include the latest and most effective innovations in the industry. Our staff is highly trained and skilled in the design and installation of a vast array of Industrial Epoxy Flooring and … [Read more...]

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