Automotive Shop Flooring

Project Overview: 2,750 sf  Grind and Seal Epoxy system with Urethane Top Coat  This two coat flooring system is often referred to as a grind and seal. A very popular alternative to expensive polishing, not to mention it is simpler and faster. To put it simply a grind and seal is a concrete floor with an epoxy coating on top. In this instance we applied a two coat epoxy system in this shop room of GP3569 and a top coat of GP4410 urethane for added sheen and scratch protection with a special color tint of forest green to match  the color of our clients favorite football team the New York … [Read more...]

Decorative Garage Floor

Project Overview: 420 Sq Ft Decorative Garage Floor A local family was really looking to improve the aesthetics of their two car garage. Not only did they want something that was going to be eye catching but they wanted to make sure this would be something that would hold up over time and not have to be continuously maintained. Our Bio Flake flooring system was the perfect solution. Like with most of our jobs we started by diamond grinding the entire area to establish mechanical profile and remove surface contaminants. We followed that by  vacuuming up all the dust to ensure a proper … [Read more...]

Cement Urethane Slurry System

Project Overview: Cement Urethane Slurry System 1,176 Sq Ft                                                                                                                                                                                                       Urethane cement slurries are created by mixing a polymer base with sands, cements or crushed stone to create a thicker liquid base that will set with greater thickness and more durability. We often refer to the viscosity achieved as a “pancake batter”-like consistency. These slurry systems provide a thickness from 1/16″ to 1/8″ and … [Read more...]

Decorative Automotive Floor

Project Overview: 2500 Sqft Warehouse Floor Coating with Random Flake Broadcast and Urethane Topcoat for Decorative Garage Floor   Our customer wanted to make his warehouse space in a newly acquired building more aesthetically pleasing while creating a resilient surface. His typical traffic included pallet loading and unloading as well as some heavy weight loads. Our customers budget was limited and the space was demanding of a more robust system, however we were able to work with our client and install the decorative garage floor he had envisioned. Our design team specified a two … [Read more...]

Concrete Waterproofing

          This project was done for an automotive car care facility located in Warren, NJ. The goal was primarily to waterproof the concrete but also to add some aesthetic value. Our client was moving in to this newly constructed building and was concerned that there was some water leaking down from around the 1st floor drains and in to the basement where they would be storing their clients cars. We proposed a concrete waterproofing sealer for the main areas and an elastomeric waterproofing epoxy around the existing trench drains. We also installed a high solids epoxy in their tunnel … [Read more...]

Executive Parking Garage | Newark, NJ

             As professional epoxy floor coating contractors in New Jersey, we install epoxy flooring systems for some of the largest companies in the world. This project was no exception. We installed an epoxy coating on the executive drive at the Prudential Plaza Building in Newark, NJ. This project was actually a continuation of some work we had done previously for Prudential. We began this resurfacing project by diamond grinding the entire surface to remove any of the loose or delaminated existing coating and to remove any contamination. This diamond grinding process also creates a … [Read more...]

Car Dealer Service Bay Flooring

Project Area: Service bays Project Size: 4800 Sq. Ft.  Product Used: General Polymers 3569                 This 4800 Sq. Ft. project was done for a local Ford dealership in NJ. The work was done in their service bays where the concrete was saturated with grease and oil. Our first goal was to remove as much of the grease and oil contamination as possible so that our materials would bond well to the concrete. We started by wetting out the entire floor and applying a heavy-duty degreaser. We scrubbed the floors with a scrubbing pad attached to a floor buffing machine and then power washed … [Read more...]

Waterproofing Epoxy & Protective Coatings On Exterior Slab

Project Area: Exterior Slab Project Size: 5000 Sq. Ft.  Product Used: Dur-A-Flex Elast-O-Coat, Dur-A-Flex Shop Floor, Dur-A-Flex Armor Top                 This 5000 square foot installation was done for a local car dealership in Green Brook, NJ. The dealership was experiencing leakage from the exterior slab down into their service area. Our solution to the problem was the installation of a waterproofing membrane with an epoxy body coat and an aliphatic urethane top coat. We began by prepping the slab with diamond grinders. This process removes any contaminants from the surface, opens … [Read more...]

Decorative Epoxy Flooring: Metallic Epoxy

Project Area: Residential Garage Flooring Project Size: 800 Sq. Ft.  Product Used: Dur-A-Flex RefleXions Metallic Epoxy                  This decorative epoxy flooring was installed in a garage in NJ. Our team installed approximately 800 Sq. Ft. of this 2 tone metallic epoxy over a three day period. They began by removing the existing coating which was peeling up. Many inferior coatings like you can get at the big box stores just don't hold up. This particular coating seemed to peeling from hot tire traffic and general use. Using diamond grinders, we removed the coating and created a … [Read more...]

Decorative Epoxy Flooring: Vinyl Chip Broadcast

Project Area: Residential Epoxy Garage Flooring Project Size: 800 Sq. Ft.  Product Used: Epoxy, Decorative Vinyl Chip                  This job involved the installation of approximately 800 Sq. Ft. of a decorative vinyl chip floor in our clients garage. As always, we began by prepping the floor. We used diamond grinders to remove the existing coating and create a mechanical profile for our material to bond to. After the prep was completed we patched and filled all cracks and depressions using an epoxy patching gel. The next step was to apply an epoxy primer coat or bond coat. The … [Read more...]

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