Commercial Bakery Floor

Project Overview: 3,540 Sqft Urethane Cement System for Commerical Bakery Floor.   Our client was looking to renovate an existing bakery in the heart of Manhattan NY and needed to upgrade the existing brick flooring with a high end industrial  commercial bakery floor that could not only pass all state safety requirements but handle heavy foot and cart traffic. Luckily for our client as turnkey installers we had exactly what he was looking for in mind.  Our design team specified a 1/4" urethane cement flooring system with urethane cement topcoat and coving to be installed directly of … [Read more...]

Bakery Flooring | Manassas, VA

Project Area: Commercial Bakery  Project Size: 1500 sq. ft. Product Used: FasTop 12SL, FasTop 12TC             This project was a  1500 square foot commercial bakery flooring installation of General Polymers FasTop Sl. FasTop is a urethane cement flooring system that is applicable for any commercial bakery, food processing or manufacturing facility. It is USDA, FDA and SQF approved and will endure hot oven temperatures, hot greases and oils and constant wash downs. This was a two day installation. We began prepping the area using a propane driven diamond grinder to achieve our … [Read more...]

Commercial Bakery Flooring | Tate’s Bake Shop | L. I., NY

Project Area: Commercial Bakery Flooring Project Size: 6230 sq. ft. Product Used: FasTop S Urethane Cement         This project was completed for Tate's Bake Shop located on Long Island New York. This project encompassed over 6200 Sq. Ft. which included part of their packing area and virtually all of their production areas. We started by prepping the concrete substrate by scarifying it with a heavy duty SASE scarifying machine. This process assures that our flooring materials will make a solid bond to the concrete. Additionally we edged all floor to wall joints with a hand grinder and … [Read more...]

Bakery Floor Repair & Coating | Denville, NJ

Project Area(s): Commercial Bakery Flooring Project Size: 900 Sq./Ft. Products Used: Urethane Cement - FasTop SL                Our client contacted us needing emergency concrete repairs. This commercial bakery had been working on raw concrete and found that it was failing and did not meet their needs. In addition, they had installed a new walk-in proofer which could not sit directly on raw concrete for reasons of longevity and sanitation. Our engineers specified a cement urethane system to deal with the temperature fluctuations and the potential moisture involved. In our first phase, … [Read more...]

Balthasar Bakery | NY, NY

Project Area: Commercial Bakery  Project Size: 4,300 Square Feet Product Used: Key Resins Urecon Slurry   This commercial bakery flooring was installed for a world class producer of some of the finest bread products. We were brought in to install a custom urethane flooring system for their production floor. The biggest concern our client had was a disruption of their almost 24/7 operation. The High Performance Systems team was given an eight hour window from midnight until 8 AM over three consecutive evenings. To ensure that product integrity and production was not jeopardized at any … [Read more...]

Epoxy Flooring For A Commercial Bakery | Vineland, NJ

Project Area: Bakery Production Floor Project Size: 32,000 Square Feet Products Used: GP 3460 Epoxy Primer/Binder / GP 3462 Epoxy Top Coat              Our client approached us with a newly poured concrete slab that had an acrylic sealer applied to it. The client wanted to install a bakery flooring system sufficient for the production and storage of food products. The space needed to be sanitary and simultaneously suitable for refrigerated areas & baking stations and to remain sturdy under these temperature differentials. We encountered a slab that had 7 days of cure time and the … [Read more...]

Non-Slip Bakery Flooring | Philadelphia, PA

Project Area: Bakery Flooring Project Size: 3,600 Square Feet Product Used: General Polymers' FasTop SL, non-slip aggregate         This project involved an extensive turnkey approach. our installation team worked in a variety of different capacities to create this non slip bakery flooring for our client. This client had an issue with hand carts rolling freely since the existing slope was too extreme.   We started by raising the point drains to allow for our urethane cement flooring to create a more subtle pitch. In addition, they needed a more non slip flooring solution than they had … [Read more...]

Commercial Bakery Floor | DD Commisary | Manassas, VA

Project Area: Commercial Bakery  Project Size: 3,200 Square Feet  Product Used: Dex-o-Tex Tek-Crete SLB              Dunkin Donuts is changing their operations to mass produce their doughnut products through commissary facilities. This commissary in Manassas was the firstof it's kind and High Performance Systems was proud to be a part of it. This commercial kitchen flooring project encompassed 3,200 square feet and included encapsulating a variety of existing substrates. It also included four inch integrated cove base as part of this seamless flooring system. This particular design … [Read more...]

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