Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Project Overview: 1768 sf Cement Urethane Kitchen Flooring System This installation was for a pristine country club in Blue Bell, PA. The kitchen for their banquet hall was extremely out dated and presented a safety hazard  to the employees as the floor was very slick and slippery. Due to the nature of kitchens being exposed to hot oils and strong chemical cleaning and the current safety hazard the floor presented we determined a cement urethane system for the kitchen. Cement urethanes are ideal for kitchen floors because they provide a seamless and smooth floor coating that is moisture and … [Read more...]

Kitchen Flooring System

Project Overview: Kitchen Flooring System 440 sq ft with 4 inch cove This kitchen flooring system was the first part of a two phase project we started with our friends over at A&E network. Their headquarters in Brooklyn was receiving an overhaul inside and out and they brought us in to tackle the unique flooring needs of their kitchen and TV studio floors. The kitchen was a rather routine and quick process as it was on the smaller side at only 440 sq ft. To start the project we shotblast the floor for our mechanical preparation of the substrate to be resurfaced since the floor was a … [Read more...]

Hotel Kitchen | Resinous Flooring Installation | Kenilworth, NJ

          This 1400 sq. ft. commercial kitchen resinous flooring system was installed for an independent hotel in Kenilworth, NJ. This installation included an integral cove base and the coating of the entire kitchen, dishwashing area, and the inside of the walk-in cooler. Our client contacted us because their existing quarry tile floor had many cracks and loose tiles and it was leaking water down into their basement. We specified a urethane cement flooring system manufactured by Dur-A-Flex as the solution to their problems. We started by sounding out the floor and removing all of the … [Read more...]

High Performance Flooring

             This high performance flooring system was installed in a corporate cafeteria kitchen and wash down area for a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. The project encompassed approximately 4200 square feet of flooring and 300 linear feet of integral cove base. The existing tile floor was partially coated with an epoxy that was failing and peeling off. We prepped the floor by diamond grinding to remove all of the epoxy coating and all of the glaze from the tiles so that our urethane cement slurry would make a solid bond to the substrate. During the preparation phase, we cut … [Read more...]

Retirement Community Kitchen Flooring

Project Area: Commercial Kitchen Project Size: 2750 Sq ft w/ 500 linear ft Integral Cove Product Used: Dex-O-Tex A-81, Barrier Guard, Tek-Crete TT, Tek- Crete Sealer           This project case study is of a complete commercial kitchen flooring renovation. The work involved a complete demo of the existing tile flooring and approximately three inches of underlayment, resloping the floor to all drains and the installation of a waterproofing membrane and a quarter-inch urethane mortar flooring system with integral cove base. The demolition of the existing floor took a number of days to … [Read more...]

Commercial Kitchen Floor Installation & Waterproofing

Project Area: Commercial Kitchen Floor Project Size: 800 sq. ft. Product Used: GP FasTop SL, GP 3552           This 800 sq. ft. commercial kitchen flooring project involved removal of failing quarry tile, slab repair, waterproofing, and installation of a urethane cement flooring system. Our client contacted us because they had water leaking from their kitchen down in to an electrical room. We proposed to remove any failing tiles, waterproof their slab and install a urethane cement flooring system with integral cove base. We began by sounding out the existing quarry tile floor to locate … [Read more...]

Commercial Kitchen Flooring | Dish Washing Area

Project Area: Dish Washing Area Project Size: 300 sq. ft. Product Used: Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete SLB Urethane Cement Slurry, Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete TF Top Coat                                This project was the re-coating of a 300 sq ft dish washing area for Bon Secours Community Hospital in Port Jervis, NY. We used a urethane cement slurry from Dur-A-Flex which is spread at approximately an 1/8" and then broadcast with silica sand to yield a nominal thickness of 3/16". We began by sealing off the doorways with plastic so as not to allow any dust to travel into the main kitchen, which was … [Read more...]

Correctional Facility Kitchen|Kearny, NJ

Project Area: Commercial Kitchen Flooring & Cafeteria Flooring Project Size: 1,425 Sq/Ft Product Used: Cement Urethane (FasTop SL)              Our client contacted us with a correctional facility kitchen & cafeteria that needed new flooring. Because the previous floor had been installed with a cheap epoxy, the floor had been damaged by heat exposure from the cook line. The client also wanted to convert some of the cafeteria space into additional back-of-the-house space. In our first phase, we diamond grinded the entire surface to create our profile and to ensure a proper bond … [Read more...]

Assisted Living Center Dishwashing Area Floor|Morristown, NJ

Project Area: Commercial Kitchen Flooring Project Size: 200 Sq./Ft. Products Used: FasTop SL urethane cement              Our client contacted us for an emergency repair to their dishwashing area. After years of use, their dishwashing station had begun leaking through the joints at the floor’s point drains and grease-trap into the offices below. The client requested a non-slip surface and an assurance that no such problem would occur again. They also needed the installation during "off hours".  We were able to install an appropriate flooring system overnight so that they would … [Read more...]

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Project | City Fresh | Boston, MA

Project Area: Commercial Kitchen  Project Size: 3,800 Sq/Ft Products Used: FasTop SL, FasTop TC            This client contacted us with a commercial kitchen in dire need of flooring repairs. The existing epoxy flooring was failing due to improper preparation of the substrate. After the epoxy began peeling and delaminating, the concrete slab itself began eroding. Our engineers specified a heat and chemical resistant cement urethane flooring system. We began by fully removing the failed epoxy coating. We also had to remove a substantial amount of old thin-set that had been improperly … [Read more...]

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