Methyl Methacrylate – (MMA) Flooring System | Brooklyn, NY

Project Area: Commissary Entrance & Exit Vestibules Project Size: 750 Sq./Ft. Products Used: Dur-A-Flex CRYL-A-CHIP MMA          This Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) flooring installation was done in the commissary of the Fort Hamilton Army Base in Brooklyn, NY. The entrance and exit vestibules of the commissary were slated for new flooring and a Methyl Methacrylate flooring system was specified because of how quickly it cures. The commissary is only closed on Mondays so a fast drying material was needed to get the job done in the shortest amount of time possible. We used the Dur-A-Flex … [Read more...]

Restaurant Kitchen Floor Installation | Newark, NJ | EWR Airport

Project Area: Restaurant Kitchen Floor Project Size: 1,300 Square Feet Product Used: Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete SLB, Ploy-Crete TF, Poly-Crete WR Cove           This kitchen flooring project was done for a restaurant in Terminal C of the Newark Airport. It included the installation of 1300 s.f. of urethane cement flooring and 240 linear ft. of integral cove base. The existing tile floor was sounded out and any loose tiles were removed. The voids left by the removed tiles were then filled in with a fast setting engineered concrete. All of the existing tile cove base was hand troweled with … [Read more...]

Restaurant Kitchen Floor Resurfacing | NYC

Project Area:Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Project Size: 400 sq. ft. Product Used: GP FasTop Urethane Cement                                       This restaurant kitchen flooring installation was done for a small restaurant in NYC. Our client had stopped taking reservations the previous week in preparation for his flooring installation through another company. For one reason or another, this contractor had gone missing and our client was in a panic. The restaurant owner called us on Friday afternoon asking if we could perform the installation the following Monday. Through a bit of … [Read more...]

Restaurant Kitchen Flooring | Country Club | Mamaroneck, NY

Project Area: Restaurant Kitchen Floor Project Size: 1,500 Square Feet Product Used: GP FasTop & GP 4090 Topcoat              This was a 1500 square foot restaurant kitchen flooring project at a prestigious golf club located in Mamaroneck, NY & home to the US Open. Our installation team set out to transform this failing quarry tile into a one of a kind seamless, cement urethane, FDA certified restaurant kitchen flooring solution. This project included integral cove installation throughout as well as poured in place trench drains. Both of these features will minimize maintenance … [Read more...]

Restaurant Kitchen Floor Installation | National Harbor, Maryland

Project Area: Kitchen Floor Project Size: 2000 square feet Product:  General Polymers Fastop SL with 4090 top coat              This restaurant kitchen floor installation in National Harbor, Maryland was a fit out of an old retail space. The final goal was to create a seamless kitchen flooring system for this Maryland restaurant. After sounding out the existing substrate and removing any loose or delaminated concrete we proceeded to fill the areas with a fast setting, high compression material that allowed us to keep on schedule. We then mechanically prepared the concrete surface by … [Read more...]

Restaurant Kitchen Floor| Baltimore, MD

Project Area: Restaurant Kitchen  Project Size: 4500 Square Feet Products: GP FasTop, GP 3745 topcoat              This project involved refitting an old storefront in Maryland and installing new restaurant kitchen flooring. Part of this project included installing industrial trench drains & sloping of the substrate to allow for optimal liquid flow and sanitary conditions. Once the trench drains and concrete repairs were completed, we were then ready to proceed with our urethane cement flooring system. Our first phase commenced with our mechanical preparation of the substrate & … [Read more...]

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