Mechanical Room Water Proofing

Project Overview Mechanical Room Waterproofing and full epoxy removal  1,920 sqft  There are many different reasons companies come to us wanting to do mechanical room water proofing. It offers improved flexibility to allow for mezzanine and slab flex, increased elongation rates to improve waterproofing capability , high tensile strength which serves as a term solution , and chemical resistance. In this case our client was dealing with a failing epoxy floor system that simply put wasnt getting the job done. Our team came in and  prepped the existing epoxy floor with diamond grinders to remove … [Read more...]

Secondary Containment Coating | Bridgewater, NJ

Project Area: Secondary Containment Area Project Size: 400 sq. ft.  Product Used: Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete HF           This project was a secondary containment area coating. This casings manufacturer based out of Bridgewater, NJ needed a chemical resistant coating for their Gluteraldehyde storage tank secondary containment area. We proposed a 1/4" urethane cement mortar system as it would be extremely durable and able to resist a potential spill of the Gluteraldehyde without degrading. Our crew used diamond grinders to prepare the concrete for installation. All of the loose existing … [Read more...]

Secondary Containment Coating System

Project Area: Secondary Containment Area Project Size: 400 sq. ft. with 60 lin. Ft. of containment curbing Product Used: FasTop 12SL, GP 3745            This is a case study of another successful secondary containment coating system application. This manufacturing facility in Elmwood Park, NJ needed a secondary containment system and secondary containment coating for their hydrofluoric acid and low melt alloys. On this project we installed approximately sixty linear feet of six inch tall containment curbing and a chemical resistant secondary containment coating system. The first step of … [Read more...]

Secondary Containment Chemical Resistant Coating | NJ

Project Area: Secondary Containment Coatings Project Size: 1800 sq/ft. Products Used: General Polymers FasTop                        This project was the installation of a secondary containment coating. Our client is in the business of chemical cleaning and metal surface treatment. They had recently expanded to a new location and had a secondary containment system constructed at this new facility. Our job was to apply a chemical resistant coating to this secondary chemical storage area.  We used a urethane cement product on this project due to its high level of durability and chemical … [Read more...]

Vinyl Ester Resin Secondary Containment Coating

Project Area: Secondary Containment Project Size: 1,500 Sq/Ft. Products Used: Vinyl Ester Primer (Corobond), Vinyl Ester Coating (GP Magnalux 404)              For this project, our client requested a secondary containment area for the storage of chemicals. The existing concrete slab needed to be sealed to prevent the possibility of any chemicals being stored in the area from leaking and potentially contaminating the soil beneath. When the project was to be completed, the ambient temperature in the facility was too low for our product to cure properly. This meant that before we even … [Read more...]

Secondary Containment & Trench Drain Installation | Edison, NJ

Project Area: Secondary Containment Project Size: 350 Sq/Ft Products Used: FasTop SL, Chemical Resistant Polyaspartic (GP 4844)               Our client contacted us seeking a solution for storing large amounts of chemicals, shampoos and cleansers that might otherwise eat into an un-coated concrete floor should they leak. They asked for a secondary containment area that would resist damage from the chemicals and that could be easily washed down and drained. Our engineers specified a new trench drain system, a curbed perimeter and a chemical resistant polyaspartic epoxy flooring … [Read more...]

Secondary Containment System & Containment Coating | Elizabeth, NJ

Project Area: Secondary Containment Project Size: 3,000 Square Feet Products Used: Purechem 22NA (Sika) & Purechem 31NA.              Our work in these cases begins with an engineer gathering data on the types of fluids typically stored in the facility and evaluating the existing substrate. Next, he or she will typically observe the facility at work and ascertain the particular needs of the facility. Finally, the engineer will identify which regulatory codes if any, that apply to the project. We also address the client’s budgetary constraints and consider methods by which to … [Read more...]

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