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Are you looking for a garage floor coating in NJ?

With our professional garage floor coatings we can transform your garage floor.  We use only the very best industrial grade products that include 100% solids epoxy and UV resistant aliphatic urethane and Polyaspartic coatings. These industrial grade garage floor coatings protect the concrete from the elements and any potential chemical exposure from grease, oil, fuel, or other household cleansers and chemicals. In addition to protecting your concrete garage floor from wear and staining from oil and other contaminants,  they are also aesthetically pleasing and very easy to maintain.

We have a garage floor coating to fit any budget.

1. Grind & seal with UV resistant top coat (clear)

2. Solid color with UV resistant top coat

3. Solid color with a light broadcast of decorative vinyl chips & UV resistant top coat

4. Full broadcast of decorative vinyl chips (micro or macro) with UV resistant top coat

5. Full broadcast of decorative colored quartz with UV resistant top coat

6. Metallic faux finish with 2 colors with UV resistant top coat

7. Metallic faux finish with 3 colors with UV resistant top coat

Garage Floor Coating - Solid Color   Garage Floor Coating- Light Broadcast   Garage Flooe Coatings - Full Broadcast Vinyl Chip   garage floor coatings-colored quartz broadcast


The Garage Floor Coating Process:

Step One – Preparation, the first step of our garage floor coating process is the most crucial to a long-lasting finish. We mechanically abrade the concrete by means of diamond grinding. Many do-it-yourself kits and even many so-called professionals recommend preparing the concrete with an acid etching treatment.  Acid etching is not recommended by true epoxy flooring professionals or industrial epoxy flooring manufacturers. Diamond grinding is necessary to create a porous and contaminant-free floor surface with the proper profile to achieve a solid bond. Additionally, as part of our prep phase we repair any joints, cracks or divots prior to applying our coatings..

Step Two – The next step is the application of an epoxy primer coat or bond coat. The purpose of the primer coat will penetrate into the pores of the concrete and seal them off. This will assure a solid bond of the base coat to follow.

Step Three – Once the primer coat has been allowed to sufficiently cure, the base coat is applied. The base coat can be a solid color or one of many decorative options. Decorative chips or a colored quartz broadcast as well as multi-colored metallic and marbelized finishes are all popular garage floor coating choices. The addition of non-slip additives is also something we recommend to reduce the chances of  a slip and fall accident.

Step Four – If you choose a vinyl chip or colored quartz broadcast system, the next step will be to apply whats called a grout coat. The grout encapsulates the broadcast media.

Step Five – The final step of the process is the application of the top coat. We generally specify an aliphatic urethane or polyaspartic top coat for a few reasons. The first reason is because these top coats are UV resistant. With out one of these coatings your epoxy floor will “yellow” from exposure to sunlight. Urethane and polyaspartic top coats are also stronger and harder than epoxy. Either will be extremely durable and resistant to scratches and abrasion. 

Read this article about typical costs involved with epoxy garage floor coatings:


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