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From the very beginning High Performance Systems has approached the industrial epoxy flooring industry with one goal in mind, to provide clients with designs that met the highest industry standards while maintaining a budget conscious approach. By offering turn-key industrial flooring services and by not aligning with one specific material provider, our design staff can provide your facility with state of the art industrial epoxy flooring products that are tailored to your industry’s needs at a competitive cost.

It is this approach that allows us to serve a diverse list of clients in a variety of fields. From manufacturing and food processing companies to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies we execute our promises both on time and within budget for all of our cherished clients. We specialize in production shutdowns and retrofitting facilities with a rapid turnaround time.  

Our extensive field experience and commitment to continued education enables us to bring a case specific design to each industrial epoxy flooring project. Understanding the inner workings of our clients operations allows our staff to provide the correct specification for every installation. From a chemical resistant, bacteria free clean room to the redesigning of a floors pitch during a retro fit of trench drainage, we address our clients’ needs from start to finish.

We have developed relationships with some of the nation’s leading organizations. It is this experience that allows us to knowledgeably assume industrial epoxy flooring projects in any field.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring For:

Food processing flooring | Food and beverage industry flooring  Retail and Commercial epoxy flooring  automotive flooring | epoxy flooring

Pharmacuetical Flooring  Health care flooring  Government and Public Epoxy Flooring

Veterinarian & Animal Care Flooring  Chemical processing flooring | Chemical resistant flooring  Manufacturing and Production flooring

Warehouse Flooring                                           


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