Automotive Flooring

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Automotive & aviation facilities require floors that can resist the eroding effects of heavy traffic, large weight loads and errant automotive fluids or other caustic contaminants. As with every floor, these automotive flooring systems are designed with your specific use in mind, whether it be mechanical maintenance shops, parking garages, airplane hangers or helipads. High Performance Systems has the ability to leave you with a concrete coating that will endure the greatest stresses your concrete surfaces could possibly be subjected to.

Beyond weight loads and high traffic, one should also be concerned with chemical resistance, exposure to elements (UV and precipitation), thermal shock and other hidden dangers. Our engineers consider not only your traffic patterns but also which of these factors apply to your facility and to what degree they apply before specifying a customized system that will guard against your specific set of challenges. Another major consideration is line striping, space demarcation and the application of logos. Our design/build team leaves you with an automotive facility that has the aesthetics and functionality of a brand new space.

Parking Garages

These spaces require resistance to oils and automotive fluids, the ability to withstand frequent traffic without scuffing or tire marks, UV protection and defense against thermal shock. Additionally, these spaces often demand a lot of line striping and other demarcations. Luckily, parking facilities can be made to look almost brand new after an epoxy coating.

Auto Mechanic Shops & Auto Detailing

Many of these floors benefit from an overhaul of the concrete slab before proceeding to install a new automotive flooring system. Oil and fluid contamination can be remedied by applying chemically-advanced primers that are able to bond with oil spots. The epoxy or urethane topcoat that follows makes certain that all spills and tire marks are easily addressed in the future. Washability and drainage are also factors to consider.


The flooring systems in aviation facilities take exceptional weight loads and extremely heavy traffic.  Urethane cement flooring and epoxy flooring can both withstand the greatest abuses of these kinds. The large surface area of such spaces also requires creative design to maximize your budget per square foot.

Automotive Showrooms

Automotive flooring for showroom floors represents a great area of compromise between heavy-duty functionality and aesthetic value. Many decorative epoxy flooring options actually increase the strength of the flooring system as a welcome side effect. Quartz and colored sand aggregates not only provide attractive designs but also increase the hardness and wear cycle of your floor. Other decorative options include metallic epoxy coatings and vinyl chip broadcast systems.

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