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Chemical plants have some very unique requirements for their flooring. Beyond the ordinary requirements of workplace safety and floor longevity, one must consider chemical resistance, ease of cleaning/sanitization, avoidance of substrate contamination and the individual needs of specialized areas such as production lines, development labs and secondary containment systems. Few flooring systems are as specifically engineered as those designed for the chemical industries. According to the typical chemical products used in the facility, we often specify custom polymers that meet or exceed the needs of your particular niche. HPS has access to a variety of resinous flooring materials with exceptionally high ASTM ratings which specify the level of chemical resistance provided. Our access to these highly chemically-resistant resins along with our engineering team’s experience in chemical facility design makes it simple to design & build a robust and long-lasting chemical plant flooring system.

Washdown Areas

Washdown areas are designed to take heavy abuse from aggressive cleaning procedures, harsh chemical solvents and standing water. The flooring systems employed in these areas must have adequate sloping, a well-designed trench drain system, seamless design and durable coatings that will withstand these conditons.

Secondary Containment

Secondary containment systems are a must for the pharmaceutical industry. Adequate secondary containment must not only satisfy governmental regulations but also protect the safety of your facility and its employees in the event of spillage. These systems can often prevent costly shut-downs and minimize other long-term damages.

R&D Laboratories

Chemical lobaoratories need to be easily sanitized and 100% hygienic to avoid product contamination. Our systems for these areas are designed to support easy yet thorough maintenance and sanitation procedures.

Production Lines

Specialty considerations for chemical production lines include elastomeric underlayments to absorb machine vibration, static dissipative flooring, anti-slip coatings and quick-curing polymers that allow you to minimize production downtime. Of course, chemical resistance is the foremost priority of these systems.


Our surface solutions expert will analyze everything from the area of installation to the chemicals introduced into the environment in order to identify the proper chemical resistant resin for each situation. Finding the right resin is of the utmost importance to correctly safeguard your facility from a full range of Ph, acids, and alkalinity. Call us today at 800.928.7220 or fill out the form to the right for a free consultation.


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