Decorative/Retail Flooring

Decorative Epoxy Flooring 


Our selection of decorative floor coating systems, including quartz, chip blends, solids and metallic’s, are the perfect addition to any commercial or industrial space you are looking to showcase. Our one of a kind colored quartz blends and resin system offers the tremendous strength and impact resistance of a regular epoxy coating system. Our metallic and quartz flooring systems are sure to catch the eye of potential clients and guests, leaving a long lasting impression. The best part about these floors is that they are completely customizable, you have total of how minimal or dramatic you want the effects to be. Not only are High Performance’s decorative flooring systems aesthetically pleasing but they are durable too. Depending on the topcoat specified our decorative flooring systems also offer chemical and abrasion resistance, the strength to hold up against forklift, and foot traffic – they even have anti microbial protection. Like many of our other various epoxy systems we are able to complete these systems in less than 48 hours allowing for a quick return to service. 


Retail flooring for commercial outposts comprise a great deal of the flooring that we focus on. High Performance Systems has provided retail flooring for some of the nations largest food chains, independent restaurants, major retailers & showrooms. These commercial epoxy flooring projects usually attempt to balance usability with aesthetic value. Our focus is not only on providing a great impression to the public but also renovating back-of-the-house warehousing & production areas and providing a long-lasting epoxy flooring system.

Maintaining the functionality of your space while providing a minimally invasive installation of new retail floors is critical to these types of improvement projects. Our installation teams are trained to provide exceptional work without causing any interruptions. Customized decorative options are often employed in these spaces at the discretion of retailers, restaurants, bars, condo associations and other end-users of resinous floors that are subject to public scrutiny.

Bars & Restaurants

Resinous flooring & polished concrete have become the standard bearers of chicness in today’s restaurants & bars. Not only do these provide modern or industrial aesthetics to your space but they are much easier to maintain than other types of flooring and last infinitely longer than those alternatives. Cement urethane systems are also employed in back-of-the-house settings for their ability to withstand thermal shock and tolerate water. Trench drain installation and floor sloping are also common requests for dish rooms, server stations and behind-the-bar floors.

“Big Box” Retailing

Large retail chains often demand extremely particular specifications to ensure aesthetic uniformity among their locations. For larger showrooms and product warehousing space, epoxies can coat your floors very economically. Also consider the possibilities offered by decorative epoxy systems.

Boutiques & Retail Shops

Many high-end retail locations look for the beauty and industrial longevity of resinous flooring. Shops often prefer that we come in overnight, remove all ephemera, install a quick curing MMA floor and set them back up to begin sales in the morning. Others look only for a concrete staining or polishing of the existing floor in order to bring out its natural beauty and preserve its functionality.

Condo Associations & Property Managers

Housing developers and condo associations seek neutral aesthetics, long-lasting surfaces & turnkey installation. We can put together a package that covers your recreational facilities, parking facilities, public walkways and shared spaces by customizing & optimizing the resinous flooring for each space. In this industry, minimizing public safety hazards can be as important as aesthetics or ease of maintenance, and to that end we urge you to investigate nonslip flooring and seamless flooring systems.

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