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High Performance Systems installs a variety of specialized healthcare and hospital flooring systems for hospitals and clinics as well as dental, senior living and long term care facilities. Hospital flooring has a bevy of requirements that we don’t normally see in more conventional industrial flooring. Healthcare professionals submit their floors to constant foot traffic and medical equipment traffic. They must be slip-resistant to prevent falls, and they must be seamless so they are sanitary and easy to clean. They must also be durable enough to withstand heavy 24-hour use. Because these spaces consist of various lobby areas, specialist rooms, patient housing areas and other use-specific spaces, we design & build highly customized healthcare flooring systems that optimize each of these areas.

      Hospital Floors        Healthcare Flooring        Hospital Flooring

Operating Rooms 

Operating rooms are one of the most sensitive areas of the healthcare industry and must be constantly guarded against the threat of infection. Seamless flooring that is antimicrobial and easily sanitized is essential.

Emergency Rooms

Upgrading to resinous flooring from a multi-jointed tile or VCT flooring system allows for a more sanitary surface. These types of floors also stand up better to constant traffic and negate the need for future upgrades.

Scrub-In Areas / Nurses’ Stations

These spaces have all the sanitary demands of an operating room but must also stand up to occasional exposure to water and heavy usage. Antimicrobial additives and seamless, wall-to-wall systems provide you with a total hygienic foundation for your scrub-in areas and other ancillary healthcare rooms.


Hospital and retail pharmacies have intricate demands that must discourage cross-contamination, meet regulatory codes and be highly sanitary. Wall-to-wall, seamless healthcare flooring can meet all of these needs and last for many years.

Lobby & Waiting Room

Reception areas provide a crucial first impression for healthcare facilities. Branding, striping and logo imbedding are often used in these floors. They will also ensure public safety and cleanliness. Read more about our decorative epoxy flooring options.

Patient Housing

These resinous flooring systems allow for ease of access for rolling equipment and busy personnel. The seamless nature of these floors also minimizes tripping hazards and guards against bacterial growth.


Healthcare corridors require floors that encourage sure-footedness and can withstand 24 hour traffic. These spaces also benefit from the aesthetic improvements of  a resinous healthcare flooring system.

Recreational Areas & Cafeterias

An increasing amount of hospital infrastructure consists of outdoor recreational spaces, childcare centers, cafeterias and other non-clinical spaces. Depending on your goals, there is surely a proper fit for your space.

Other Uses For Healthcare Flooring

A resinous flooring system can also be the perfect fit for commercial parking garages and walkways, computer training rooms, data warehousing, dialysis, physical therapy, elevators, laboratories, lavatories, offices, administrative and conference rooms, stairways and landings, the telecommunications center or the staff lounge. Let us help you make the right choice for your healthcare flooring. We will help you specify the right hospital floors to fit your needs, Call us today at 800.928.7220 or fill out the form to the right for a free consultation.

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