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Manufacturing flooring requires a robust set of specifications in order to keep production rolling safely, quickly and without need for future upgrades. Our manufacturing floors are designed with an eye toward heavy equipment loads, around the clock usage, work safety regulations and the possibility of slab contamination. Our engineers specialize in designing durable and user-friendly flooring solutions for warehouse & distribution facilities, bottling & packaging plants and industrial production lines.

Many clients come to us seeking remediation of concrete that has either become contaminated or has fallen into disrepair. We are able to easily save the existing substrate using the advanced techniques of chemical grout injection, slab jacking, joint cutting, crack repair and more. From there, your options include concrete resurfacing and sealing the concrete to eliminate future worries. Other specialty requests include line striping, “cove base” installation and “quick cure” products, which can have your facility up and running in a matter of hours.

Minimizing the affect on production is our primary concern when servicing manufacturing and processing plants. We offer a number of services for the manufacturing and processing industry and our installation crew prides itself on causing minimal disruption to your operations. Utilizing state of the art resin rich materials significantly contributes to our remarkably quick turnaround times. We can provide your workforce with a safe and clean environment by applying anti-slip textures that are easy to maintain and can withstand harsh conditions.

Our front office has been trained to engineer and design a specific approach to each individual project and our employees are knowledgeable of the needs of the manufacturing and processing industry. This means your storage areas can be dust free, aisle ways clearly marked, production areas clean and safe, and employee areas bright and attractive  in record time.

With master installers that continue to train in the latest technology and tooling we provide long term solutions for your protective flooring and drainage needs.

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