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Public & government facilities such as police and fire stations, schools and universities, and even prisons can all benefit from resinous flooring. Our epoxy, urethane and MMA flooring products provide a cost effective floor that is going to deliver years of worry free service while looking good and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. Our floors deliver a slip resistant surface that is safe and attractive. Many of these facilities cannot be shut down to accommodate for continuous improvement projects and thus require the highly skilled installation teams and quick-curing applications that we provide. 

Police Stations

Holding areas are a great candidate for a resinous floor. The chemical and stain resistance of our coatings makes them easy to keep clean. Their slip resistance makes them safe. Their tenacious bond virtually eliminates cracking, chipping, and flaking, making them very long lasting.


Apparatus rooms take a constant beating from hot tires and dropped equipment. The impact resistance and stain resistance, along with the ability to resist marking from hot tires makes our resinous flooring the perfect choice for any fire station. We can also create an aesthetically pleasing floor with the addition of markings, line stripping, and even custom logo designs.

Schools & Universities

Schools and universities have many locations throughout that would benefit greatly from the installation of resinous flooring.


Our attractive, slip resistant, ADA compliant floors are great choice for any classroom. The fact that they are easy to maintain and never need waxing make them every maintenance engineers dream.


The seamless nature of resinous flooring combined its superior stain resistance and chemical resistance make it the natural choice for any laboratory setting. When you add in the fact that it is also slip resistant and impact resistant it’s a no-brainer.

Locker Rooms & Showers

Our durable, slip resistant flooring is completely waterproof making it ideal for locker rooms and showers. The seamless application ends the problem of dirty grout lines while simultaneously providing a safe and attractive flooring surface. We can create various designs using single or multi-colored quartz blends customized to match your school colors.


Like in police stations, holding areas and prison cells are well suited to a resinous floor. Equally well suited are visitor areas where safe, slip resistant surfaces that can handle high traffic are crucial. Our highly durable resins will withstand an enormous amount of traffic without showing any visible wear patterns. Also, like in the schools and universities, locker rooms and shower areas would benefit from our flooring systems.

Additional Locations

The locations within all public and government facilities that can benefit from a resinous floor are virtually unlimited. In addition to the areas we’ve already mentioned, you could consider a resinous floor for for use in kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, maintenance shops, mechanical rooms, chemical storage areas, pool decks, pump rooms, loading docks, lobbies, etc.

The public sector has recently been subjected to tightened budgets, which is one hurdle that can be easily overcome. Our experienced team of engineers & designers can work around budgetary limitations. HPS can specify a flooring system that meets your budget and lasts for an exceptionally long time, avoiding the need for frequent updating. Epoxy, urethane & MMA flooring systems are available in an array of decorative motifs and will extend the longevity of your building’s infrastructure. Firehouses, police stations, schools, correctional facilities, parks & recreation sites and other governmental properties are one of our great strengths.

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