Veterinary Flooring and Animal Care Flooring

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Veterinary clinics and animal care facilities have their own set of challenges. We provide veterinary flooring and animal care flooring to meet those needs. Scratch resistant, chemical resistant and slip resistant epoxy flooring will not only beautify your facility but it will keep humans and animals alike safe and healthy. Our resinous veterinary flooring systems are impervious to animal waste, odor absorption, staining and the harsh chemical cleaners used for sanitation. Veterinary practices, laboratories, training and boarding facilities, can all benefit from a resinous flooring application.

Treatment Rooms

Treatment rooms need to be sanitary and easy to clean. Our epoxy floor coatings provide seamless flooring that that can withstand blood, urine, and harsh detergents. They leave no cracks or crevices for bacteria to hide. Spills and accidents remain on the surface and are easily removed.

Operating Rooms

Just like in a regular hospital, veterinary hospital operating rooms must be kept clean and sterile. Nothing does the job as well as an epoxy flooring system. With the addition of an integral cove base, it will be easy to maintain and prevent any contamination.


Whether indoors or outdoors, we can provide a flooring system for suited for kennels. An epoxy coating that is customized with just the right amount of slip resistance will provide safety for employees yet be gentle on paws. A scratch resistant coating will stand up to the sharpest of claws and the impermeable coating will be easy to clean. Hose it down, and it will look like new.

Let us design your veterinary flooring and animal care facility flooring to meet your specific needs. Not only are our flooring systems durable and long lasting, they can also be designed with a great decorative appeal. Call us today for a free consultation at 800.928.7220

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