Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Crack Repair & Chemical Grout Injection

There are many options for concrete crack repair and foundation crack repairs in both above and below ground concrete structures such as basements, sewer lines, pools and more, using chemical grout injection. One of the oldest repair methods still is use today is polyurethane chemical grout injection. This grout is injected into the crack and reacts with the leaking water to create a bond with the concrete and forms a water tight seal. As a matter of fact, recent studies and more than 40 years of experience have shown this leak solution is still the best in terms of both cost and successful leak control.

The Basics of Installation

When it comes to ease of installation, polyurethane chemical grouts are one of the easiest solutions to deploy. These substances are usually injected, as a liquid and usually under pressure, somewhere in the vicinity of the leak. It will remain a liquid resin until it comes into contact with the water leaking from the structure. When this contact happens, it begins a chemical reaction that causes the resin to form either an expanding foam or a non-expanding gel. In order to get the gel or foam into the leak itself for more tricky repairs and create a watertight seal, installers will many times inject the chemical grout directly into the defect and into the water source.

Choosing the Correct Product

There are many different resins used to create chemical grouts, each with specific properties designed to address different leak situations. The main consideration is the type of material the structure is made from as the resin will have to be able to form a watertight seal by adhering to the surface. As with any repair, the longevity and success of your repair will lie in your ability to choose the proper material to repair the leak with. However, with chemical grout concrete repairs, the repair is permanent if you choose the correct grout.

There are a number you reasons you may experience a leaking concrete surface. And there are many solutions for an effective concrete crack repair. However, the cheapest and most effective simply use chemical grouts. They are used for both residential and commercial repairs thanks to their low cost, ease of use and longevity. Using the right chemical grout for specific repair projects will often allow the repair to outlast the life of the structure. We are experienced in diagnosing and repairing leaks in a number of underground structures.

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