Trench Drain Installation

Trench Drain Installation Trench Drain Installation Trench Drain Installation Trench Drain Installation

Trench Drain Installation: Don’t Let It Be An Afterthought 

When it comes to a facilities operational needs, trench drain installation often get overlooked. When High Performance Systems set out to be a leader in the industrial flooring industry, we decided to be a turn-key service offering a refreshingly new approach the flooring industry. This included delivering the highest level of service in all aspects of resinous flooring installation including trench drain installation as well as floor pitching and re-sloping.

Our team utilizes their collective engineering backgrounds to specialize in the design and installation of a facilities trench drainage needs. These solutions include internally pitched trench drains of any size, depth, and width, point drains, and custom formatted drainage systems. All options are capable of being customized meet FDA/USDA standard while keeping facility maintenance low.

Along with a multitude of industrial trench drain selections, High Performance Systems offers a full catalog of drain covers that can be specified with cast iron to accommodate virtually any weight load, or stainless steel covers to create an easy to maintain and bacteria free environment.

Being a leader in the industry allows for seamless trench drain installations with minimal disruption to your facilities operations. Our trench drain Installation are not limited to drain sections and hubs alone but also expand to include custom designed pits and strainers to meet the specific needs of our clients. The ability to create the ideal pitch for the selected drainage needs creates a low maintenance and safe work space.

Utilizing state of the art designs by a multitude of manufacturers translates into a lower price and a higher level of design for our clients making our custom industrial trench drain installation the best solution and investment for your facility. We use trench drain systems from some of the largest trench drain manufacturers such as Hubbell and ACO Drain.


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