Architectural Details

Below you will find links to some important architectural details that will need to be considered as part of your epoxy flooring installation. Every great installation must start with surface preparation. The surface preparation guidelines below will give you a better idea of how achieve a properly prepared substrate. Treatment of expansion and control joints can make or break an installation so be sure to see the proper methods below. Keyed edges “lock” your floor in to place, view the architectural detail below to see what a keyed edge looks like. Incorporating integral cove base to your installation has many benefits, see the difference between cant cove and radius cove below.

Click the links below to view each architectural detail . 

Surface Preparation Guidelines:

DUR-A-FLEX, INC. has developed this document to help Facility Owners, Architects, Engineers, Specification
Writers, and Contractors gain a better understanding of the importance of a properly prepared substrate, and the
methods to achieve an appropriate bond

Control Joint Treatment

Expansion Joint Treatment

Radius Cove Base

Cant Cove

Keyed Edge:

A keyed edge is the proper way of ending an epoxy floor at termination points such as doorways and drains. 

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