Flooring Cost Comparison Chart

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       Resinous flooring, polymer flooring, poured flooring, these names are all synonymous with what most people refer to as epoxy flooring. Simply stated, resinous flooring is created by the application of a base of resinous material to a rigid substrate, usually concrete. This type of flooring is used in a wide…
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        Many people ask the question, "what does epoxy flooring cost?" Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. There are many variables to be considered when trying to figure your epoxy flooring cost, including traffic patterns, how the spaces is being used, physical appearance of the finished flooring,…
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    The Best Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Flooring: Pharmaceutical Epoxy Flooring When a sterile working environment is necessary, pharmaceutical manufacturing flooring is an excellent way to preserve a clean and safe work space. Pharmaceutical-style flooring is generally constructed from concrete, and is overlaid with an epoxy flooring system. The difference between pharmaceutical resinous floors and…
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