Decorative Epoxy Flooring

High Performance Systems offers many different decorative epoxy flooring options. With decorative epoxy flooring, your commercial business will be up to date with sanitation and safety regulations and your business environment will look great. Some popular types of decorative epoxy flooring include metallic epoxy floors and colored quartz and vinyl chip broadcast floors. 

Metallic Epoxy Flooring is an eye-catching flooring solution that will carry the same physical properties as other durable and aesthetically pleasing seamless flooring options. These floors are typically top coated with a clear, scratch resistant urethane coating and will last a long time in any space with minimal maintenance. Metallic epoxy is available in many colors and variations. The application typically involves two or more colors to achieve depth and a marbling effect that creates a truly unique look. 

Metallic- Decorative Epoxy Flooring


Colored quartz epoxy flooring is made from “broadcasting” colored quartz granules in to the wet epoxy. In the manufacturing process, quartz fragments are spun until they take on a rounded edge and a distinct coloration. An ordinary epoxy floor is installed and while it cures the quartz fragments are tossed or broadcast into the coating. In doing this we are able to achieve a variety of decorative textures and colors in your flooring. Although such a system is quite nice looking, its functionality remains identical to that of ordinary epoxy floors (which is to say, very durable and long-lasting). 

Colored Quartz Decotative Epoxy Flooring


Vinyl chip epoxy floors are created in much the same way that the colored quartz flooring is. Instead of broadcasting colored quartz, we use vinyl chips or flakes. These vinyl chips come in various colors and sizes. Typically, chips of various colors are blended together to create the desired effect.

Vinyl Chip Decorative Epoxy Flooring


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