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MMA Flooring MMA Floor System Methyl Methacrylate MMA Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Flooring

Methyl Methacrylate or MMA flooring is one of the most scientifically-advanced flooring solutions available. It has the capability to perform in situations where many other flooring systems would fail. For example, it is the only kind of flooring that can cure in a matter of hours. It is also the only option for spaces that reach sub-zero temperatures. For these reasons and many others, MMA flooring has become an attractive option for food processing facilities, pharmaceutical facilities and many other specialized industrial spaces. Below, we will discuss a few of its key benefits over other types of flooring.​

Short Cure Time

MMA flooring one of the few materials that cures chemically. What this means is that rather than “air drying” on your surface, the material chemically cures itself after its components are mixed. This provides an exceptionally quick cure time; often curing in 1-2 hours. For facility managers, quick curing means limited downtime, a quicker return to normal production and less revenue lost. It also means that you want a highly experienced contractor to do the installation. There is less leeway during an MMA flooring application, so you’ll want a team with the experience necessary to work quickly and knowledgeably.

Wide Array Of Applications

Another reason many facilities choose MMA is it’s ability to perform in extreme circumstances. For example, MMA flooring can be applied in areas that reach down to -20°F. Not only does the finished surface hold up well in these conditions, the chemical curing allows the material to be applied at these temperatures. This makes it an excellent candidate for cold rooms, freezer storage areas or areas exposed to cold winter weather. Many clients in food processing and perishable item distribution use MMA flooring for this reason. We also favor MMA’s in outdoor areas that will be subject to the elements. This type of surface is also impervious to direct sunlight and most weather conditions.

Low Maintenance and Easy Sanitation

Any flooring contractor will tell you that a great deal of the labor involved in coating a floor is in the preparation of the substrate. MMA primers penetrate the substrate and MMA always bonds to itself, even after years of use. This means that, after the initial preparation of your surface, you will never have to redo that prep work and can easily recoat your floor if needed. However, in most cases the material is so resilient that you will never have to re-coat again.
Day to day maintenance is also quite a bit easier with MMA flooring. The material is applied as a wall-to-wall, seamless surface which makes washing and scrubbing easier and leaves no crevices for dirt or liquids to hide. This is another reason that food processing and pharmaceutical clients like MMA: it’s ease of sanitation. Further, the material is totally impervious to any methods of sanitation you may choose to use (chemical sanitizers, steaming, etc). Because of these facts, MMA floors are FDA and USDA compliant and are certified by the NSF. We also recommend that facilities in need of this level of sanitation install an MMA coping around the floor’s perimeter that eliminates any 90° angles where walls meet the floor. This absolutely ensures no places for bacteria or liquids to collect.

Workplace Safety

MMA has an extremely low level of VOC emissions, which makes for a much healthier environment and ensures long-term workplace safety. As our industries continue to strive for more environmentally benign and “green” infrastructure, MMA has become more and more popular. As for the more acute aspects of your employees’ safety, MMA has an answer there, too. We regularly mix a non-slip aggregate into MMA materials and/or broadcast a nonslip material onto the curing surface. There are a number of choices in this field – from sand to glass and other aggregates; you can determine the degree of anti-slippage you need in your MMA floor.

Extreme Durability

MMA flooring is an excellent candidate for spaces that will receive heavy loads, routine traffic, strong abrasion or thermal shock. The material most likely offers even more resilience than your facility requires. Beyond all of the physical demands MMA can withstand, it is also totally impervious to corrosion. If you anticipate occasional chemical spills, MMA gives you some insurance against having to repair your floor. It is also totally resistant to these spills to the point where you will not have to worry about remediating any seepage or risk recontaminating the area.
Take a look at this MMA Restaurant Flooring Case Study

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