Metallic Epoxy Flooring System

Project Overview: Metallic Epoxy System w/ Aluminum Oxide anti-slip in Polyaspartic Topcoat 3200 sq ft  Our friends over at Smart Start academy run a high end child development center in Hoboken NJ and they wanted a floor to wow the parents of new perspective students. There is no epoxy flooring system more eye catching then a metallic. The finished look is a smooth, glass like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle. No two floors will ever look the same. There are endless creative techniques that can be used to create a style that you can call your own. Metallic floors are … [Read more...]

Bio – Flake Decorative Flooring System

Project Overview : 1020 sq ft Lab flooring with 128 linear feet of 4" cove base Our friends over at Berry Plastics were looking for a special type of flooring system in the office area of their production lab space. The office area was going to be the main meeting space for potential clients so they wanted it to be something that really stood out and caught the eye. GP Polymers Bio- Flake Decorative flooring system was the perfect solution. This slurry, is  designed to provide a functional yet aesthetic floor system for pharmaceutical, research and biotech applications or other areas where … [Read more...]

Custom Decorative Epoxy Flooring

Project Overview: 1,500 Sq ft Micro-chip decorative flooring system High Performance Systems microchip flooring system  incorporates decorative colored microchip flakes with high solids epoxy resins and chemical resistant grout and topcoats to form a protective surfacing system which is aesthetically pleasing, slip resistant, durable and resistant to wear, staining and chemicals. The job floor pictured below is for the grand terminal for Staten Island Ferry  which caters to thousands of guests daily which means they needed something that was not only aesthetically pleasing but possessed the … [Read more...]

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Project Overview: Metallic Epoxy Flooring System w/ Urethane Topcoat (8,093 Sq Ft) First and foremost we would like to wish our friends over at Livoti's Old World Market the best of luck on their new Middletown Location! The Livoti's team came to us looking  to do something really special with their new location, and we had just the thing in mind. We knew that a metallic epoxy floor was the perfect solution. The finished look is a smooth, glass like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle. No two floors will ever look the same. There are endless creative techniques that can … [Read more...]

Decorative Epoxy Flooring – Ceramic Carpet

Project Overview: Install Fastop decorative system (2080 sq ft. floor space w/ 300 sq ft. of removal/fill)   Sherwin Williams contacted us regarding a store located in Brooklyn NY that had issues with the existing mezzanine slab. The specification included a ceramic carpet and some newly installed ramping. We we very happy when we found out our material provider had personally chose us to do there project, and even happier with the finished result. Limitations: The existing floor was badly pitted with some less then adequate patching material present. Removal of all patching material … [Read more...]

Decorative Automotive Floor

Project Overview: 2500 Sqft Warehouse Floor Coating with Random Flake Broadcast and Urethane Topcoat for Decorative Garage Floor   Our customer wanted to make his warehouse space in a newly acquired building more aesthetically pleasing while creating a resilient surface. His typical traffic included pallet loading and unloading as well as some heavy weight loads. Our customers budget was limited and the space was demanding of a more robust system, however we were able to work with our client and install the decorative garage floor he had envisioned. Our design team specified a two … [Read more...]

Decorative Epoxy: Showroom Floor

Project Overview: Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating With Urethane Topcoat and Coving For this decorative epoxy showroom floor, we started by removing the existing 624 sf of welded vinyl flooring that was previously installed, and failing at the seams. Our team removed the failing floor system by using polycrystalline diamond segments on a Lavina floor grinder. Once the vinyl was fully removed the team passed the floor grinder over the substrate to ensure that all glue residue was removed and a mechanical profile was established. For those of you who don't know a mechanical profile further … [Read more...]

Quartz Epoxy Flooring

Project overview: Quartz Epoxy Flooring for High-Traffic Area This customer at the Staten Island Ferry brought High Performance System in to provide their terminal with a decorative quartz epoxy flooring system sometimes referred to as a ceramic carpet. This project had some very specific hurdles and demands, including 60,000 pedestrians populating the floor space a day. Beyond the aesthetics of this quartz epoxy flooring system our team specified an elastomeric primer and a polyaspartic topcoat to create a waterproof and long lasting solution. Scope: Remove floor grates Grind tile to … [Read more...]

Decorative Epoxy Flooring: Veterinarian Floor

Project Overview: Decorative Epoxy Flooring 5610 square feet of decorative epoxy flooring with 1666 linear feet of 6 inch coving installed over the course of 3 mobilizations to accommodate our customer's continued operation during the install. This installation took place while our customer remained opened to the public. Beyond maintaining a dust-free environment, our installation teams retrofit this state of the art flooring system over a preexisting epoxy floor. This included the removal of preexisting cove and walls, as well as, pre-patching all divots and voids to create a seamless, … [Read more...]

Hybrid Decorative Epoxy Flooring | Pool Deck Coating

Project Area: Pool Deck Project Size: 450 Sq./Ft. Products Used: Urethane Cement, Decorative Quartz, Aliphatic urethane           This pool deck coating was installed using a hybrid decorative epoxy flooring system. This pool deck system was composed of a urethane cement base layer with a colored quartz aggregate broadcast, an epoxy grout coat and an aliphatic urethane top coat. This combination creates beautiful, non-slip flooring that will protect the concrete and the patrons. It will also add tremendously to the overall aesthetics of the facility. The final thickness of this system … [Read more...]

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