Warehouse Epoxy Floor Coating

Project Overview: Warehouse Epoxy Coating System 1120 Sq.ftOur client came to us in a very difficult situation. One of their pieces of machinery had a very sizable ink spill and the issue needed to be taken care of immediately to prevent work place injury and to stay within the companies safety regulations. Luckily due to the close proximity of our client and our dedication to customer service we were able to come in and fix their floors only a few days after the "inkcident". To start this project we prepped the entire area using diamond grinders which were able to cut through the ink. … [Read more...]

Laundromat Flooring System

Project Overview: Warehouse Laundromat Flooring System 16,000 Sq.ftLaundromat floors are exposed to a great deal of foot and cart traffic, spilled laundry chemicals that may not be immediately cleaned up, water and steam, not to mention the constant vibration and weight of heavy machinery. When installing a laundromat floor there are many things to take into consideration, such as s kid and slip resistance to help ensure safety ,water proofing underlayments, chemical resistance to help prevent damage from detergents, bleach and cleaning solvents, abrasion and wear resistance to withstand … [Read more...]

Warehouse Floor Coating

Project Overview: Warehouse Floor Coating 5,000 sqftAs a family owned and operated business we take special pride in what we do, and it’s always great when we can team up with another business within the community. That’s why when our friends over at Soma labs contacted us with their flooring issues we need we had to help them out. The existing urethane cement flooring system had the typical ware and tear you’d expect but the main issue was the dust. Luckily we had the perfect solution for them.  We prepped the concrete with diamond grinders to remove any laitance and contamination and get … [Read more...]

Mechanical Room Water Proofing

Project Overview Mechanical Room Waterproofing and full epoxy removal  1,920 sqft  There are many different reasons companies come to us wanting to do mechanical room water proofing. It offers improved flexibility to allow for mezzanine and slab flex, increased elongation rates to improve waterproofing capability , high tensile strength which serves as a term solution , and chemical resistance. In this case our client was dealing with a failing epoxy floor system that simply put wasnt getting the job done. Our team came in and  prepped the existing epoxy floor with diamond grinders to remove … [Read more...]

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring System

Project Overview: Warehouse Epoxy Flooring System  8800 sq. ftAs far as warehouse epoxy flooring systems go, this was a very routine procedure. We prepped the concrete with diamond grinders to remove any laitance and contamination and get down to white concrete so that the epoxy would have a solid bond. After the floor was prepped we swept and vacuumed up all of the dust to ensure a direct bond. Dust is one of the leading causes of epoxy floor failures. Before the first coat was applied we also edged all floor to wall joints and taped all terminations and drains to ensure a clean floor … [Read more...]

Decorative Automotive Floor

Project Overview: 2500 Sqft Warehouse Floor Coating with Random Flake Broadcast and Urethane Topcoat for Decorative Garage Floor  Our customer wanted to make his warehouse space in a newly acquired building more aesthetically pleasing while creating a resilient surface. His typical traffic included pallet loading and unloading as well as some heavy weight loads. Our customers budget was limited and the space was demanding of a more robust system, however we were able to work with our client and install the decorative garage floor he had envisioned. Our design team specified a two … [Read more...]

Food Processing Plant

Project Overview:3,400 SQFT Urethane Cement Flooring System With Coving For Food Processing PlantFood Processing Plant flooring is unlike any other because there are important state safety rules and regulations at play. Not only does food processing flooring require more attention than most, it is imperative that the operation is run as effeciently as possible to ensure no lost profits for the client, the longer the planthas to remain unoperable the more money that is lost. Bylada food processing produces ready to eat food and asked our team to create a HACCP approved seamless flooring … [Read more...]

Commercial Bakery Floor

Project Overview: 3,540 Sqft Urethane Cement System for Commerical Bakery Floor.  Our client was looking to renovate an existing bakery in the heart of Manhattan NY and needed to upgrade the existing brick flooring with a high end industrial  commercial bakery floor that could not only pass all state safety requirements but handle heavy foot and cart traffic. Luckily for our client as turnkey installers we had exactly what he was looking for in mind.  Our design team specified a 1/4" urethane cement flooring system with urethane cement topcoat and coving to be installed directly of … [Read more...]

Decorative Epoxy: Showroom Floor

Project Overview: Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating With Urethane Topcoat and CovingFor this decorative epoxy showroom floor, we started by removing the existing 624 sf of welded vinyl flooring that was previously installed, and failing at the seams. Our team removed the failing floor system by using polycrystalline diamond segments on a Lavina floor grinder. Once the vinyl was fully removed the team passed the floor grinder over the substrate to ensure that all glue residue was removed and a mechanical profile was established. For those of you who don't know a mechanical profile further … [Read more...]

Walk In Freezer

Project Overview: 800 square feet of urethane cement top coat and coving for a walk in freezer   For the walk in freezer shown above, we were tasked with replacing the existing welded vinyl floor with a cement urethane system. Freezer Flooring is unlike any other due to its exposure to extreme cold and moisture. Welded vinyl floors commonly disbonds or delaminates from substrates, and will indefinitely in a freezer due to the temperature changes, which was exactly the case with the floor shown above. Due to the environment of this space our team specified a cement urethane system which … [Read more...]

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