Trench Drain System

Project Overview: 108 linear feet of drainage with double wide catch basin Our friends over at Metabrands were switching over an old warehouse space into a food production area and needed the trench drain system accomidations to fit such a transition. The process was a rather simple one. To start we helped them come up with a drainage floor plan to help maximize the amount of drains we could fit in the space. Once the drains were ordered we started the project by marking out the areas where the drains would be place. We then sawcut the existing substrate 6" deep ,  removed the existing … [Read more...]

Food Processing Plant Retrofit- Drains, Sloping, Floor Coating, Walls, Ceiling

Project Area: Food Manufacturing Facility Project Size: 2900 Sq./Ft. Products Used: Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete SLB & TF Top Coat, Macropoxy, Polylon HP, Zurn Drains             This turnkey food processing plant retrofit project was done for a food manufacturing operation in Port reading New Jersey. The scope of work included the installation of a new trench drainage system, pitching of the floors, coating the walls and ceiling and the application of a seamless production floor with integral cove base. Our crew began by saw cutting open the concrete for the new Zurn trench drain … [Read more...]

Urethane Cement & Trench Drain Installation For Food Processing Facility

Project Area: Food Processing Facility Flooring Project Size: 1500 Sq. Ft.  Product Used: Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete SLB & Poly-Crete TF Top Coat                 On this project we installed 1500 Sq. Ft. of urethane cement flooring  and two twenty foot trench drains. This trench drain installation actually saved our client thousands of dollars in materials and labor costs that would have been necessary to properly slope the floor to the two existing point drains. It also created an overall better drainage solution which will help to speed up their maintenance procedures and also … [Read more...]

Trench Drain & Urethane Cement Installation

Project Area: Warehouse Retro-fit to Food Processing/Production Facility Project Size: 11000 sq. ft. Product Used: Urethane cement flooring              This project involved the re-purposing of a refrigerated warehouse in New Jersey to turn it into a food processing/production facility. The project size was approximately 11,000 sq. ft. and included 14o linear feet of internally pitched trench drains, the installation of two grease traps, as well as a urethane cement flooring system with a wear resistant epoxy top coat. Our design team created the trench drain layout to meet up to … [Read more...]

Rendering Plant Flooring | Clinton, NC

Project Area: Rendering Plant - Trench Drains Project Size: 9,000 Sq/Ft / 240 Linear feet of trench drains Products Used: New Concrete, FasTop S, FasTop TC              Our client contacted us with a rendering plant floor that had failed epoxy and, in some places, concrete eroded enough to expose bluestone. The by-products of rendering (fats, oils, solvents, cleansers) put a lot of strain on concrete floors and require an experienced flooring engineer. Our engineers specified a full-scale remediation of the slab and the installation of a chemical resistant cement urethane flooring … [Read more...]

Secondary Containment & Trench Drain Installation | Edison, NJ

Project Area: Secondary Containment Project Size: 350 Sq/Ft Products Used: FasTop SL, Chemical Resistant Polyaspartic (GP 4844)               Our client contacted us seeking a solution for storing large amounts of chemicals, shampoos and cleansers that might otherwise eat into an un-coated concrete floor should they leak. They asked for a secondary containment area that would resist damage from the chemicals and that could be easily washed down and drained. Our engineers specified a new trench drain system, a curbed perimeter and a chemical resistant polyaspartic epoxy flooring … [Read more...]

Avello Mushrooms | Kennett Square, PA

Project Area: Food Processing Flooring Project Size: 3,000 Sq/ft. Product Used: GP 4080 cement urethane              The Avello Mushroom Company is a mushroom processing company  and is located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (“the mushroom capitol of the world”). This client contacted us because they had upcoming third-party audits and wanted to improve their SQF score. The existing substrate was badly eroded and had been topped with an old epoxy coating that was delaminated in most areas. In addition, the trench drain had seen years of food processing fluid flow and was also … [Read more...]

Restaurant Kitchen Flooring | Country Club | Mamaroneck, NY

Project Area: Restaurant Kitchen Floor Project Size: 1,500 Square Feet Product Used: GP FasTop & GP 4090 Topcoat              This was a 1500 square foot restaurant kitchen flooring project at a prestigious golf club located in Mamaroneck, NY & home to the US Open. Our installation team set out to transform this failing quarry tile into a one of a kind seamless, cement urethane, FDA certified restaurant kitchen flooring solution. This project included integral cove installation throughout as well as poured in place trench drains. Both of these features will minimize maintenance … [Read more...]

Food Manufacturing Floor | East Rutherford, NJ

Project Area: Food Processing  Project Size: 3,000 Square Feet Product Used:  General Polymers Fastop SL w/ Fastop TC           This food processing flooring project was done for Bylada Foods, a leading manufacturer of frozen snacks, appetizers and breakfast foods. High Performance Systems is proud of their ability to provide turnkey flooring solutions in situations like this. This project included re-sloping of the existing substrate to allow for better drainage and ease of maintenance. We also installed an integral radius cove base to eliminate any ninety degree corners where dirt and … [Read more...]

Rendering Station Trench Drain & Urethane Floor Installation| Dallas, TX

Project Area: Rendering Station Project Size: 7,000 Sq/Ft, 400 Linear FT. Products Used: Urethane Cement Slurry (GP FasTop), Trench Drains (Hubbel 600)              The engineers at High Performance Systems were contacted by a client that needed to add additional trench drains to their facilities. These trench drains needed to stand up to heavy industrial usage. The facility had eroded trench drain systems that used metal sleeves rather than cement. Due to the fact that the metal sleeves expand and contract at different rates than the cement they are placed in, they began to crack and … [Read more...]

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