Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Project Overview: Concrete Stain and Seal Floor in NJ

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Our client had just constructed a brand new Cider Barn and wanted a resinous flooring system that would not only be aesthetically pleasing but would hold up against the corrosive nature of the natural acids and other ingredients involved with making hard apple cider.

Preparation of Existing Conditions for the new Acid Stained Concrete Floor system

Since the area, our acid stain flooring crew, were working in was newly constructed, the concrete slab we were going over was in pristine shape and did not require the typical patching and crack repair we usually encounter. We applied two different systems in separate areas but the prep work remained the same. We started by diamond grinding both areas to establish a mechanical profile and remove surface contaminants. 70 grit diamond tooling was opted for in our prep phase to minimize deep grooves that might otherwise show. 

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Our typical grinding process would start with a coarse 30 grit to create a deeper profile but it ran the risk of detracting from this acid-stained epoxy flooring. Once the grinding was completed, we vacuumed all debris to ensure an adequate bond to the concrete. Our final step was to fill all voids in the concrete caused by abandoned anchor bolts and cut key-ways at a depth of 1/4"’ around all floor and drain hubs to ensure a consistent thickness and finish throughout.

Application of the acid stained concrete flooring

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This project included two different areas with their unique scopes of work. In the back of the barn, which was more focused on production, we applied a standard two-coat epoxy system using a base-coat of a low odor, 100% solids epoxy polymer designed for various conditions and substrates. To topcoat, we used an aliphatic urethane, a  low odor, ultra-high solids aliphatic resin designed as a high-performance finish. The front of the house received the same treatment but in addition, we applied an acetone stain as depicted in the photos on this page. These products used together are a highly effective chemical resistant flooring system to defend against acids, fuels, grease, and salt which was perfect in this setting.

Conclusion of another Stained epoxy flooring project

This two-coat epoxy grind and stain system were installed in less than 72 hours. Knowing the environment when a floor treatment is being installed, allows us the ability to create a specification in your space. In this instance, we added 220 grit white aluminum oxide to create an anti-slip texture while not detracting from its cleanability and head-turning appearance. With the long life expectancy of this acid-stained epoxy flooring system, our client will not have any maintenance issues going forward.

acid stained concrete floors