Animal Care Epoxy Flooring

animal care epoxy floor-cameo

1,500 sq. ft. of Animal Care Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring for Animal Care

Epoxy flooring is by far the flooring system of choice for veterinary concerns. Being seamless makes cleaning quick and easy. 

Furthermore, the chemical resistance of both the epoxy as well as the urethane topcoat is ideal for the common issues of an animal shelter. It can be custom colored to identify various areas within the facility where needed.

Minimal Maintenance makes Animal Care Epoxy Floors A Cost-Effective Choice

A large part of the cost of managing an animal shelter is in the upkeep. Resinous flooring provides chemical resistance as well as ease of cleaning due to the seamless nature of epoxy flooring systems. They can be tailored to meet your needs for a nonslip texture keeping the animals safe from slip and fall issues.  These floor systems are available in many colors making the aesthetics of matching the surrounding area simple and creating a nice finished look for your client.

An experienced epoxy floor contractor can walk you through the process making the installation not only customizable but easy for you to decide what works best for your specific facility.

animal care epoxy floor-start

Start of the Project

animal care epoxy floor-prep

Grinding the Substrate

animal care epoxy floor-finish

Finished Project