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Why the Kennel Flooring You Choose is Important

Kennel flooring is basically the world your pet lives in while at the kennel.  Consider as a person, living on a dirt floor substrate versus a beautiful impervious, easy to clean, veterinary epoxy flooring systems. Many of us enjoy and love our pets more than a few people we run across in our daily lives, so why wouldn't we want the best for our furry loved ones? Epoxy flooring systems are ideal in that they can be decorative, customizable, textured and they are easy to clean.

There are Many Versions of Kennel Epoxy Floor Systems

Animal care epoxy flooring comes in many varieties, and the common qualities include, impervious surfaces, chemical resistant epoxy, which resist uric acid and other cleansers. Beyond that, it comes in solid colors, and various aggregates, including rubber pellets to protect your pet's paws. Typically we want to use a urethane cement base to allow for the thermal shock of hot and cold water cleaning. After that, a beautiful epoxy flake flooring will create a positive living space, or a solid color to make for easier long term maintenance.

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Epoxy Flake Flooring and It's Common Uses

Epoxy flake flooring, sometimes referred to as vinyl chip or paint chip flooring systems, are as mentioned limitless in options. Not only can you select from a wide variety of colors to create your look, but the size of the chip comes in three sizes, 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4". Each will create a different appearance.

Epoxy flake flooring is typically applied, but not limited to, restrooms and lobbies, and is often referred to as "The poor man's terrazzo."

Kennel Epoxy Flooring Is a Cost Effective Solution

Kennel epoxy flooring offers many benefits, and a return on investment that cannot be beat. Properly maintained, which consists of simply hosing down or mopping the area, will last for many years. This also allows for ease of maintenance and a cost savings on minimal labor required. 

In addition to the mentioned cost savings of an epoxy floor, the sanitary qualities of the antibacterial epoxy floor mitigates any harmful contamination that might occur to both the animal, as well as minimizes any odors left behind from other floor types that absorb soiling and urine exposure.

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An Antibacterial Epoxy Floor Systems Offers Protection For Our Furry Friends

For all the reasons previously mentioned, a professionally installed animal care epoxy flooring system will outperform virtually every other option, bar none. High Performance System's vast experience and knowledge of veterinary epoxy floors allows you the benefit of anticipating all your facility's needs at a minimum of down time, while also providing efficiency that will ultimately create cost savings both short and long term.

If you looking for a cost effective solution installed by a professional epoxy flooring contractor, contact us to see how you might benefit from our services. Call today!