Animal Care Epoxy Floors

Why the Kennel Flooring You Chose is Important

Kennel flooring is basically the world your pet lives in while at the kennel. Consider as a person, living on a dirt floor substrate, versus a beautiful, impervious, hospital grade epoxy flooring system. Many of us enjoy and love our pets more than a few people we come across in our daily lives, so why wouldn't we want the best for our furry loved one? Epoxy flooring systems are ideal in that they can be decorative, they have customizable textures, and are easy to clean.

There Are Many Versions of Kennel Epoxy Floor Systems

Animal care epoxy flooring comes in many varieties, and their common qualities include impervious surfaces, chemical resistant epoxy to resist uric acid, and other cleansers. Beyond that, it comes in solid colors, and various aggregates to include rubber pellets to protect your pet's paws. Typically we want to use an urethane cement base to allow for the thermal shock of hot and cold water cleaning. After that, a beautiful epoxy flake flooring to create a positive living space, or a solid color to make for easier long term maintenance. 

Antibacterial Epoxy Floor: The Cleanest Option

Animal Care Floor System


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Allowing your pet to exist in soiled surrounding cannot result in good hygiene. An antibacterial epoxy floor system is the ideal solution, as it is seamless and does not allow for contaminates to fester. Additionally, the fact that epoxy flooring is impervious makes cleaning a snap, in that any soiling will be a surface concern, and easy to eliminate by way of a good cleanser and mop.


Including a seamless radius cove base to all of the wall to floor joints eliminates the possibility of bacteria and any other unhealthy contaminate from getting locked into the new kennel epoxy floor system. Basically, epoxy flooring systems create the ultimate hospital grade epoxy flooring for your animal's well being, with an emphasis on ease of maintenance.

This Kennel Flooring Will Last For Years To Come

High Performance Systems specified an epoxy flooring system that addresses all of the concerns the animal care industry would commonly confront. We started by decontaminating the existing substrate, followed by mechanically abrading the floor to meet the manufacturer's requirements for optimal adhesion. Next, we installed our kennel flooring that has all the qualities you should be focused on: chemical resistance, clean ability and a long-lasting, durable, seamless floor.

High Performance and Their Passion For Your Pet

Our passion for animal care epoxy flooring starts at home, as we too enjoy the benefits of a happy and healthy pet. As any family member, we want the very best for your loved ones. Combine that with our passion for the resinous flooring industry, and we feel good about our position in the animal care world.

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