Brewery Flooring

Project Overview:1600 SF Beverage Epoxy Flooring

Existing Conditions

Our friends over at Kedem Winery reached out to us about their brand new winery flooring production space, which was in need of an overhaul to meet the demands a winery floor entails. Much like food processing or restaurant flooring winery flooring has very specific USDA/SQF standards they must adhere to in order to maintain a safe and sanitary workplace for both employees and consumers.

Preparation of Existing Conditions

To start the project we used a diamond grinder on the existing floor to create a mechanical profile and remove any debris and the old floor coating. We then edged the corners and formed keyways around the drains to ensure a proper bond throughout the floor and to eliminate tripping hazards around the drainage systems. From there we vacuumed up any debris to once again make sure our bond was perfect.

Products Installed

Once all the prep work was complete we began to apply the system base coat using a urethane cement slurry with added aggregate to create a safe anti-slip texture. After the base coat cured we swept away excess aggregate and ran floor over with rubbing stones to ensure a consistent texture. Finally, we applied the system topcoat to create a beautiful seamless floor for many years to come which you can see in the epoxy flooring NY gallery.


Our experts had the perfect solution to their problem, the floor we installed featuring Gp4850 as the topcoat is not only USDA approved but also adds chemical resistance and can hold up against immense temperatures and foot traffic. We also applied 4850 to the perimeter walls to make this production space completely seamless and sanitary on all fronts. To learn more about this and similar projects give us a call at:



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