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A Food Grade Epoxy Project Located in NY

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This project was 1,600 square feet of a brewery epoxy flooring system that was designed to withstand all the beverage ingredients, along with the chemical resistance that the harsher cleanser used in its cleaning process. Often, we like to use urethane cement flooring but in this instance that did not work, as we had to balance the impact of metal keg barrels versus the thermal shock advantage of the latter. We did increase our aggregate load to allow for more "heat sink" in our new resinous flooring system. As brewery floor contractors, we rely on experience and input from the manufacturer that allows for the best food-safe epoxy flooring possible.

A Food Safe Epoxy Floor Installation

This was an existing space the client was converting to additional brewing space. The existing concrete slab left much to be desired and required a lot of concrete resurfacing to match different slab heights and build an ADA ramp. We achieved this through the use of engineered concrete, specifically designed as a high compressive strength underlayment to be used under a resinous flooring system. Once all remediation work was complete we began our food-grade epoxy resin flooring system by mechanically abrading the substrate, being careful to meet the material provider's requirements. 

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Once completed and dust free, we moved right into our thermal cured primer, since it was a 100% solid food grade epoxy, we were able to flow right into the next phase of applying our resinous slurry solution, that was carefully mixed to a batter like consistency. While still wet, and after we allow the resin to level out, we then applied our staining solution to create the random "Old World" depicted in the phots on this page.

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The next day we returned to remove the protective plastic that was used to guard against staining the walls etc. and applied our chemical resistant epoxy grout coat, thoroughly encasing our aggregate, and cleaned the entire area, making the following days topcoat application of our FDA-approved food-safe epoxy floor an easy day.

The final day of the project included not only top coating with a good quality aliphatic urethane coat to ensure good color and sheen retention, but meeting with our clients to be sure they were satisfied.

Brewery Floor Contractor At Their Best

We consulted with the client and developed this system specification after informing and seeking the client's input. Our policy at HPS is to involve the client in the process, as we know their focus is on brewing and not necessarily epoxy flooring. That policy encourages a work environment of trust and confidence that our customers need.

For your next food-grade epoxy flooring system or any other type of resinous flooring system, we hope you will look to us for guidance and the best value available. 

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