Case Studies

Below are case studies that demonstrate our diverse expertise in epoxy resinous flooring for multiple industries. If you are interested in seeing our Library of Case Studies, please click here.

Brewery Flooring 


Evil Twin Brewery

Installation of a brewery floor with epoxy coating

Food Manufacturing Flooring

Airline Catering Co.

Installation of an epoxy food production flooring system for a catering company

Food Processing Flooring


CJ Foods Inc.

Installation of epoxy flooring for food processing plant

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Dunkin Donuts

Installation of an epoxy commercial kitchen flooring system for a bakery

Restaurant Kitchen Flooring

Buffet Restaurant

Installation of epoxy floor for restaurant including a slurry system 

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring


Packaging Plant

Installation of flooring for warehouse using an epoxy system

Commercial Epoxy Floor

Plastic Bottling Company

Installation of commercial epoxy floor coating for plastic bottling company

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Battery Charging Station

Installation of chemical resistant epoxy flooring for battery charging station

Epoxy Flooring System

Electrical Generation Plant

Installation of epoxy resin flooring for electrical generation plant

Secondary Containment System

Chemical Manufacturer

Industrial epoxy floor coating for pharmaceutical company

Decorative Epoxy Flakes


Staten Island Ferry

Installation of decorative epoxy flooring for ferry using micro chips 

Decorative Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Specialty Grocery Store

Installation of decorative epoxy resin coating for grocery store 

Commercial Flooring System


Manufacturing Plant

Installation of commercial resin flooring system for manufacturing plant

Decorative Concrete Epoxy Coating


Symrise Laboratory

Installation of decorative epoxy resin flooring with quartz for retail store 

Concrete Epoxy Floor



Apple Cider Barn

Installation of polished concrete floor for apple cider barn