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Decorative Epoxy Flooring

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Project Overview

The facility manager at the Staten Island Ferry needs to replace their concourse flooring. The existing floor was a ceramic tiled floor that was cracking and delaminating due to excess flex in the concourse substrate.

Project Details

Location: Staten Island, NY

Project Name: Staten Island Ferry

Type of Business: NYC transportation facility

Size/Square Footage: Various to allow for simultaneous use

The Process

Step 1:  Remove all loose and cracked tile, and fill void with engineered concrete

Step 2:  Mechanically abrade existing tile and patched areas

Step 3:  Apply an elastomeric floor coating to absorb flexing of the slab

Step 4:  Apply urethane cement slurry to create a smooth and even surface

Step 5:  Install decorative epoxy flooring system


We were tasked to install a decorative epoxy flooring system while commuters where hustling and bustling through the concourse. This required using our extensive HEPA vacuum arsenal along with hanging curtains in some instances.

HPS's Solution

We had to identify and repair loose and broken tile. Once all remediation work was complete we then installed an elastomeric membrane, followed by a quarter inch of urethane concrete flooring.

Finally applying an overlay of four different colors and types to match the surrounding tile layout. Our custom color efforts took many weeks of trial and error and ultimately was a perfect match as we were doing the concourse by section.

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