Case Study Secondary Containment System 

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

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Project Overview

A large chemical processing plant located in Middletown NY had to renew their secondary containment area to allow for storage of HCL solution. It was an existing containment and need renovations

Project Details

Location:  Middletown, NY

Products:  Steel Seam FT910,GP 3741 and GP Fastop 12S

Type of Business:  Chemical Manufacturing

Size/Square Footage:  2000 square feet

The Process

Step 1: Remove all old linings and patching to expose substrate

Step 2: Neutralize any chemical contamination for worker safety and create the correct ph

Step 3: Patch all damaged areas and fill any voids in all surfaces

Step 4: Apply epoxy primer to seal and create a solid glue line

Step 5: Apply cant coving to all corners to create a bathtub effect

Step 6: Apply chemical resistant epoxy coating to all walls

Step 7: Apply urethane cement slurry to all horizontal surfaces

Step 8: Topcoat entire containment using chemical resistant epoxy system

Secondary Containment System


The space had been badly undermined requiring extensive concrete floor repairs. In addition, it was a confined space project requiring extra supervision and a multitude of safety considerations

HPS's Solution

Our first priority was safety, so we created safe existing strategies, as well as dust containment to keep all others out of harm's way. The actual remediation commenced with removal of the old liner as well as the underlying patch work.  Once we removed those items, we were left with deeply containment substrate causing our team to do extensive neutralization of the surfaces using an alkaline solution and pressure washing.

Once dried, we then applied cant coving to all the corners to create a bathtub effect. Follow by applying a novolac epoxy coating. We then applied our 1/4" of urethane cement slurry and broadcast to excess using 40/60 aggregate to create bulk and a non slip surface.

Finally, we applied topcoat to the entire area using a chemical resistant epoxy coating.

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