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​Project Overview of an Epoxy Resin Corrosion Resistance System

This was a project located in NJ, it was an industrial parts cleaning facility that required a chemical resistant epoxy floor system to resist any corrosion and eventually mass contamination. This new space was an addition to their current operations, requiring we contain any airborne dust and chemical contamination concerns. This required an experienced chemical resistant epoxy contractor.

Project Details For Installing a Solvent Resistant Epoxy System

This project was approximately 2,000 square feet, with curbing to create a containment basin for any potential spillage. A list of chemical exposures would be required for us to make a proper assessment of what would serve this facility well. Epoxy resin corrosion resistance is a science, not an art, and having a professional commercial epoxy flooring contractor is critical to the project's success.


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Challenges of an Acetone Resistant Epoxy Application

As previously mentioned, this solvent resistant epoxy flooring project was to be installed during working hours for their production team. This required hanging of plastic sheeting, essentially creating a sealed-off workspace that would allow our team to apply the commercial epoxy resin that would resist their largely solvent based "bad actors", or chemicals. After securing employee safety and protecting the client's production process, we then began our mechanical abrasion of the substrate, allowing us to move onto our novolac epoxy, of which is known as the finest in acetone resistant epoxy.


Finally, we applied our epoxy flooring system in multiple coatings, thereby mitigating any concerns of pin holes on the system, allowing for chemical migration to the slab and eventually soil.

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A Chemical Resistant Epoxy Contractor's Conclusion

Our extensive experience in the chemical industry allowed us to create the well designed containment area for this client's needs. We already knew to avoid any 90 degree corners, where liquids can fester, and fill any voids or "bug holes" in the concrete pour, as they would represent weaknesses in the system and allow for the harboring of chemicals.

High Performance System's Experience With Chemical Facilities

The Smedley family has been involved in chemical resistances and engineered structures since the early 1950's. Our patriarch, Lawrence Smedley, was a graduate of Carnegie Mellon and originally designed and engineered steel tanks. That experience caused him to need to pursue chemical resistance for various applications. In time, the steel industry began to falter here in the United States, and he expanded into chemical resistance applications for not only steel but concrete surfaces as well. He often completed work for some of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical companies in our country's history.

High Performance Systems is a commercial epoxy flooring contracting business, and a family passion that is now moving into it's third generation of providing experience and professional epoxy flooring solutions.

Let our passion and vast experience take your chemical resistant epoxy flooring project to the next level, in technical and application experience. Contact us to discuss your needs, we would enjoy the opportunity to show you our very best. Call today!

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