Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring

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Novolac Epoxy Floor for Battery Charging Station

Chemical-resistant epoxy flooring has many purposes. The above photo depicts a novolac epoxy resin floor specified to resist sulphuric acid spills from battery charging. This epoxy floor system prevents erosion but still can stain from extended acid exposures. It does come in colors but we encourage red as it hides any staining that may occur, although it does protect the substrate that might otherwise erode and become a safety hazard regardless of coloring.


Secondary Containment Systems Comes in More than Epoxy Resins

Chemical-resistant protection comes in many forms. It can be applied as a multi-layered coating system. fiberglass flake-filled systems as well as fiberglass line systems. This determination is made based on the epoxy floor contractors' assessment of both chemical exposures as well traffic. Containment areas are designed to hold a full tank of fluid plus 100-year rainfall this requirement ensures no bad actors will be transferred to areas not protected.  The resin selection is determined by reviewing the client's chemicals and most importantly their concentrations.

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Chemical Resistant Projects Always Require Aggressive Preperation

All areas requiring chemical protection should be addressed as though there will be a major spill. Assuming the worst happens means we need to protect beyond "splash and spill" and assume submerged conditions. This means eliminating 90-degree corners that might cause weak spots, filling any voids in the substrate to coat as well as a multi-layered system to eliminate any pinholes.


Non Slip Texture For Trafficked Areas

This particle chemical resistant project was to protect and contain a drum farm from spillage. This means we needed to apply a nonslip texture to minimize any concerns for slip and falls. To address this concern we broadcast 40/60 mesh aggregate that will ultimately be encased in a resinous coating.

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Chemical Resistant Epoxy Floor Containment System

This system was actually a vinyl ester system it boasts a very robust chemical resistance. Along with chemical resistance this system included a non slip surface to avoid and mishaps.

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