Battery Charging Flooring

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring

Project Overview

This was a 3,000 square foot space to be used as a battery charging station for a large fulfillment warehouse located in Edison, NJ.

Project Details

Location:  Edison NJ

Products:  GP 3579, GP 3741 novolac and GP 4410

Type of Business:  Warehouse & Distribution

Size/Square Footage:  3000 Square Feet

The Process

Step 1: Identify and mask our battery charging station

Step 2: Diamond grind substrate to meet manufacturer's specifications

Step 3: Apply epoxy primer to create a good glue line for our new battery station flooring

Step 4: Apply novolac chemical resistant epoxy coating and allow to dry

Step 5: Apply 2nd coat of novolac chemical resistant epoxy coating

Step 6: Apply safety line to avoid any pedestrian traffic


The existing substrate was a polished concrete, this industrial flooring system creates a very dense surface, so our team need to do extensive mechanical abrasion to achieve the profile required to apply a good long lasting chemical resistant epoxy flooring system.

HPS Solutions

HPS is one of the northeast's leading epoxy flooring installers, as a result we provide equipment with the very latest technology in HEPA vacuum systems as well diamond grinding equipment available in the industry.  We ground the substrate using very aggressive diamond segments creating a very deep profile. Then applied our epoxy primer, followed by two coats of chemical resistant epoxy coating applied liberally. Finally applying safety lines to create a environmentally and workplace safe space.

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