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Project Overview

Our client needed to address his dust proofing concerns as well as repair any damage to his concrete floor. The project was located in Brooklyn, NY and was approximately 50,000 square feet. The customer's facility was purposed for manufacturing of industrial fasteners. In this instance, they provide a clear and free work space making this ideal for our new commercial resin flooring system.

Project Details

Location:  Brooklyn, NY

Products:  General Polymers 3569 with Sherwin Williams Rexthane

Type of Business:  Manufacturing for Aerospace Company
Size/Square Footage:  50,000 Sq. Ft. 

The Process

Step 1:  Demo and remove all delaminated flooring
Step 2:  Prepare and fill all damaged areas using an epoxy gel paste
Step 3:  Diamond grind to prepare for surface
Step 4:  Apply high solids epoxy coating at the specified thickness
Step 5:  Re-inspect and touch up any remaining blemishes
Step 6:  Apply a topcoat of an urethane coating, to retain sheen and color


This project had to be performed to resolve the dust safety issues as per OSHA regulations. In addition, our client had many repairs of their forklifts due to irregular surfaces, as well as treat all voids in the flooring greater than 1/2" in depth.

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HPS Solutions

High Performance Systems is very well versed in warehouse flooring coating systems, while maintaining the client's budgetary needs. As a result, we specified a system that include a high solids epoxy coating to create long term wearing surface, and followed with an urethane topcoat that will create greater non-abrasion, as well as extend the color retention for the overall warehouse flooring.