Commercial Epoxy Flooring

commercial epoxy floor

Commercial epoxy flooring is the floor of choice for any client looking to eliminate mopping and waxing. Epoxy floors have a long life span making their return on investment second to none. The resinous flooring system is durable and properly applied to a very scratch-resistant surface. Epoxy flooring has virtually no limits in terms of appearance from decorative epoxy floors to the industrial epoxy flooring often used on loading docks and anywhere where heavy traffic is the norm. To best illustrate allow us to display a few of the many epoxy flooring systems we have to offer.

clean room epoxy floor

Cleanroom Epoxy Floors

Cleanroom epoxy flooring is a common use for commercial epoxy flooring. Please note the smooth yet slip-resistant appearance. This epoxy system includes an integrated cove base to create a seamless flooring system that will not allow for bacteria to fester in the corners, nor the texture of the flooring system itself.

The other added benefit is the resins used for a cleanroom flooring system can be designed to resist any chemical exposures while still customizing its physical appearance.

metallic epoxy floor

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors involve the same epoxy resin matrix as a clean room except a metallic additive is added to the resin as it cures it randomly moves as the thermal cure cycle progresses leaving a beautiful marble-like appearance.

This particle epoxy flooring system was performed for a daycare center in Hoboken NJ. It is ideal for that environment as it can not hold heavy soiling, making cleaning up fast and easy.

This decorative epoxy floor comes in many colors and styles feel free to consult with us on design.

acid stain epoxy floor

Acid Stained Epoxy Floors

Acid Stained Epoxy Floors are by far the easiest to maintain as the colorant is impregnated into the concrete substrate. In the worst-case scenario in the rare instances a client damages the floor, scratches, or simply wants to move equipment around matching up the original color is simple, and a light buff of your epoxy flooring and a quick new topcoat of urethane and your back to day one.

These systems are ideal for old and tired substrates making the imperfections look like they belong. This was a bar, any preexisting scars create that lived-in look.

This epoxy floor system is very economical and looks very unique.

grind and seal floor
Grind and Seal Floors

Grind and Seal Floors are by far the most economical epoxy floor system on the market. These floors are ideal where patching and dust proofing is the priority.  This floor is often used after we perform concrete resurfacing, as the epoxy floor ambers the substrate making the patching less obvious.

It is simply a high solid epoxy resin top-coated with a good urethane coat. It comes in virtually all colors but we often recommend clear as over time any scratches and nicks do not appear so readily. Depending on your floor size that system starts at around 1.50 per square foot.

commercial kitchen floor
restaurant kitchen floor
Commercial Kitchen Floors

Commercial kitchen floors are typically required to be free of seams and have no standing water or 90-degree corners for bacteria to exist. They are often subject to third-party auditing as well. Making them vital to any successful food service concern. This food and beverage floor boasts a urethane cement floor system specifically designed to resist thermal shock from hot and cold temperatures and similar expansion ecoefficiency as concrete meaning if it gets damaged the void will not migrate like the older epoxy kitchen floor systems as they are too brittle and tend to crack at the glue line at impact.

Restaurant Kitchen Floors

Restaurant kitchen floors are typically inspected by your local board of health some of their typical expectations will include radius cove to eliminate corners and places for bacteria to hide. Also, their preference will be a seamless system as it will not allow for crevices where bad actors may live. A high-temperature topcoat will protect the kitchen floor fryer damage and similar concerns that any foodservice floor might encounter. Give us a call to help you through the coordination of equipment mobilization and epoxy floor installation with minimal downtime.

These are just a few of the many commercial epoxy flooring types. Generally speaking, they can be installed virtually anywhere where low maintenance and longevity matter. If you are interested in other epoxy flooring projects please do not hesitate to contact us and share your vision we look forward to showing our very best in commercial epoxy floors.