Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Featured Commercial Epoxy Flooring Case Studies

New Jersey's largest utility company, PSEG, needed an epoxy flooring system installed in order to meet OSHA guidelines

This specialty supermarket needed an exciting and innovative look to wow their new client base

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Industry Is Exploding

Commercial epoxy flooring is growing immensely, with its low maintenance, limitless options and a return on investment that is second to none.  It is the ideal flooring system for many areas such as corridors, warehousing, and any space where the day-to-day cleaning of carpeting and tile is not necessary.  An experienced epoxy flooring contractor can provide a properly prepared and applied epoxy resin floor that will more than stand the test of time, eliminating the need for waxing, shampooing, and excessive maintaining. Of course, all of that takes valuable time and money, and the typical business would rather invest in future endeavors.

The Benefits of a Properly Installed Concrete Epoxy Flooring Project

A good epoxy flooring contractor can provide a detailed consultation and walk through the process of proper preparation of the existing substrate, as well as reviewing all of your options, as there are many, solid color coatings, vinyl chip, quartz and industrial strength slurries and mortars. Recently, we looked at an epoxy flooring contractor near me that featured not only a urethane cement flooring system in the back of the house, but also a vinyl chip epoxy floor in the front of the house.


Coordinating the colors to complement one another, concrete epoxy flooring comes in so many shapes and sizes it is difficult to talk about all of your epoxy flooring options in one article. So, consulting with a professional epoxy flooring contractor is not only wise, but will help point you in the right direction.

Epoxy Flooring Costs Are a Bargain Over The Long Run

Epoxy flooring can range from a simple epoxy sealer, which eliminates dust and keeps from staining, to an epoxy mortar system that will handle high traffic levels, including forklifts with heavy loads.


Epoxy flooring cost needs to be considered in terms of return on investment, and sound business practices must be sure to use their preventative maintenance budgets wisely to ensure expansive growth and long term well-being of their financial concerns. Concrete epoxy flooring requires proper abrasion of the existing substrate, and if done correctly the thermal cured epoxy resin will heat up and bond to the concrete flooring, removing any possibility of peeling and de-bonding.

Hiring The Right Epoxy Flooring Contractor is Vital to Reaping All The Benefits

The right epoxy flooring installers can provide past experiences for circumstances very similar to your scenario. They should be able to discuss how the current substrate will be properly prepared to, at minimum, meet the manufacturers' recommendations. As in everything, rarely are things perfect for every situation, that is why an experienced epoxy flooring installer can provide an in-depth understanding of each epoxy flooring system that is available on the market today. 


Please don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your concrete epoxy flooring  options. Rest assure our job is to educate and provide a competitive price that will provide you with years of service without being high pressure or suggestive as our independent status allows us the benefit of having the entire epoxy industry at our disposal. Give us a call today!