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Project Overview

Berry Global, Phillipsburg, NJ facility completed a large addition, to include this 170,000 square foot warehouse commercial epoxy flooring project, to include line striping and battery charging station.

Project Details

Location:  Phillipsburg, NJ

Products:  GP 3477, GP 3741 and SW Fastset line stripe coatings

Project Name:  Berry Global (formerly Berry Plastics)

Type of Business:  Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Facility

Size/Square Footage:  170,000 Square Feet

The Process

Step 1: Diamond grind substrate

Step 2: Apply waterborne epoxy coating system

Step 3: Reapply WB epoxy coating

Step 4: Apply line striping as per the client's logistical needs

Step 5: Apply a chemical resistant epoxy flooring system to the battery charging station


Creating a dust free workspace within a cost friendly budget. Additionally, we needed to layout line striping to best make use of the space for their warehousing capabilities. As well as, locate and apply a battery charging station.

HPS Solutions

We were tasked with laying out this large space to maximize its usage, while staying within the client's budget.

We mechanically prepared the substrate and applied two coats of a water based epoxy floor coating system, as well as applied 4" line striping as per our logistic strategy. In addition, we also installed a battery charging station using a novolac epoxy floor coating, to resist the potential sulphuric acid spills that could occur with battery charging for their fleet of forklifts.


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