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Project Overview

Inroads to Opportunities, a nonprofit located in  Roselle, NJ, expanded into a new space with a lot of issues. The space we were contracted for had been unused and unmaintained for over 20 years and needed both an industrial coating applied to walls and a seamless floor system where the floor was concerned. There were elevation differences where expansion joints met causing trip hazards, faded pedestrian walking paths, fire extinguishers not visibly marked, and it was an overall dusty environment.

Project Details

Location: Roselle, NJ
Products: GP 3477, GP 3746 Steel Gray, GP 3746 Safety Yellow, Rexthane Clear
Project Name: Inroads to Opportunities
Type of Business: Nonprofit
Size/Square Footage: 9,288 square feet

The Process

1. Blow walls off using an air compressor to remove

2. Stiff bristle broom to remove additional dust in joints

3. Scrape all loose coating

4. Tape all terminations

5. Apply prime coat: pre-catalyzed epoxy (assumes two colors)

6. Apply topcoat: pre-catalyzed epoxy (assumes two colors)


Creating a dust-free workspace within a cost-friendly budget. Additionally, we needed to grind down the trip hazards presented at the expansion joints and taper them out with an epoxy mortar, pre-patch the slab where the floor had worn down, and make ADA compliant line stripping to be encased beneath the scratch-resistant urethane topcoat.



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HPS Solutions

To create a safe, clean and attractive work environment, we specified a three-coat floor system consisting of an epoxy primer, epoxy body coat, and a urethane topcoat with a slip-resistant additive to ensure ADA compliant slip coefficients.

To address the walls, we applied two coats of a pre-catalyzed epoxy to offer the most easily cleanable surface when complete. Beyond the application of an industrial wall coating, we caulked all holes and expansion joints using a urethane sealant and backer-rod when necessary.

The floors of this space now reflect light to brighten up the entire space. Worker stations are now clearly defined and easy to clean.