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Commercial Kitchen Flooring for the Dunkin Brand

We were extremely proud to be the commercial resin flooring contractor selected to be the pioneer for Dunkin' Brands, the parent company for Dunkin' Donuts, to install commercial kitchen epoxy flooring at their dispensary. Their operations for producing donuts went from in-house to a strategically located facility, to make and distribute their finished products.

Project Details on the Commercial Kitchen Flooring Project

This project involved approximately 2,000 square feet of space, and the facility already had ceramic tile, so we knew we would go with a urethane cement base coat. This chemistry allows for good adhesion, for details on urethane cement flooring for tile, please have a quick look at the blog of the same name, as this commercial kitchen flooring project would be more economical this way, and alleviate a lot of labor and dust, without sacrificing quality.


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This facility was a little undersized, but it would act as a pilot project for the client. Our topcoat was predetermined to be a chemical resistant epoxy coating, as high temperatures were not an issue for their operations. On the contrary, restaurant kitchen epoxy flooring is frequently concerned about high temperatures from fryers and machinery.

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The Installation of the Commercial Resin Flooring

Since the commercial epoxy resin was easily decided, we wasted no time in getting our preparation going, mechanically abrading the tile, not only to meet the SCP4 profile required by the manufacturer, but being careful to remove any glaze on the tile exposing the clay base, that would behave as any other cement material allowing for easy overlaying of the industrial kitchen floor.

Once all preparation was complete, we then proceeded to the next stage of masking our cove base and all drain hubs, doors and various hardware to ensure the workspace would a bright and new clean look upon completion. Moving right into the application of our urethane cement slurry and a full customized broadcast aggregate.

Upon curing, we then topcoat the entire new concrete resurfaced space. The client chose a beautiful, light, reflective silver gray for a topcoat color. This gave the renovated space a new look that will last for years to come.

Conclusions from the Epoxy Flooring Contractor

As a family run business, to say we were proud of our affiliation with Dunkin' Brands would certainly be an understatement. Having the knowledge to use urethane cement as a bond slurry to the tile allowed us to create not only savings, but avoid any mess for the client. There is nothing like experience to make a company grow and share a level of confidence with our customer.

We would like to share our family pride and expertise with you, even if to share a pointer or two. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss all your commercial kitchen epoxy floors, whether maintenance, re-coat or to simply advise.

Please give us a call today to discuss how we can help you create the very best in your next renovation!

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