Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Project Overview: Commercial Kitchen Flooring Installation for Retirement Home.

Existing Conditions: The current state of the existing kitchen floor required this job to be a complete renovation. The tile was cracked and crumbling throughout the entire area due to the failing sub-floor and the floor was no longer pitching to the drains creating stagnant water. The work involved a complete demo of the existing tile flooring and approximately three inches of underlay. 


Products Installed: Once the prep was completed, we began the installation of our quarter-inch urethane mortar system. This type of flooring system is the toughest and most durable flooring system HPS offers. These mortar floors can handle high-temperature greases and oils, impact from dropped pots and pans, and even extreme weight loads. Our urethane cement mortar system also protects the substrate from thermal shock, corrosion, mild chemical attacks and abrasion. This flooring system also included an integral cove base to create a monolithic surface that runs up the walls and contains all of the water. The final step of the process was the application of a urethane cement sealer. This sealer gives the floor added protection and ties the floor and cove base in to create a seamless installation.

Preparation of existing condition: The demolition of the existing floor took our team a number of days to complete. The tile was removed from the floor and walls and then carted down from the second floor to the dumpsters. The existing “mud bed” below the tile was completely removed right down to the slab. Once the original slab was exposed, it was prepped using diamond grinders. When the slab was sufficiently prepped, the waterproofing membrane was applied. The next phase of the project was the re-sloping of the floor to all of the drains. This was a crucial element of the installation as it prevented standing water. The sloping started with “picture framing” out the drains. Once this process was completed, the sloped part of the underlay was installed.

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Conclusion: Once this project was completed the commercial kitchen was almost unrecognizable. HPS was able to complete a top to bottom renovation, which would prevent any need for similar work in the future. This urethane mortar system will be able to hold up and protect the subfloor against virtually anything.