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Commercial Kitchen Flooring 

Project Overview: Commercial Kitchen Flooring for A&E 

Existing Conditions: The existing floor for this commercial kitchen flooring project was a brand new concrete slab. 



Preparation of existing condition: Since the concrete was only poured a few months prior to commencement of this project we decided that shot-blasting was the best form of surface prep. Shot-blasting systems produce a roughened texture that improves adhesion of decorative toppings, they also leave surfaces dry and immediately ready for recoating or resurfacing.

Products Installed: Once blast & cleaned, we installed our integrated cove base, and proceeded with our urethane cement mortar application of GP Fastop M. Urethane cement mortar systems provide immense compressible strength and protect the substrate beneath from virtually anything. In to the slurry, we broadcast a 30-grit aggregate to create the non-slip texture we previously determined to be ideal for this workspace.


After our resinous mortar had set up, we then removed the excessive aggregate and hand stoned the new surface to create a consistent texture for our prime coat of GP3746 - a two-component epoxy binder resin. For the topcoat, we specified GP9844 as it can tolerate higher temperatures from ovens, fryers & any hot greases or oils, as well as providing a safe slip-proof surface for employees and ease of cleaning. However, the best feature of 9844 is its antimicrobial properties, meaning it stops the growth of microorganisms, which help keeps consumers safe.

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Conclusion: This commercial kitchen flooring NJ system was the first part of a two-phase project we started at A&E Studios and we were adhering to a very tight installation window. We were able to get this cafeteria kitchen flooring system completed within 48 hours and move on the TV studio flooring project the next day.